XNOR.ai overview

Xnor.ai brings highly efficient AI to edge devices such as cameras, cars, drones, wearables and IoT devices. The Xnor platform allows product developers to run complex deep learning algorithms, that were previously restricted to the cloud, locally, on a wide range of devices. This scalable approach ensures privacy of data, eliminates the need for connectivity, and significantly reduces memory load, and power demands, all delivered at a low cost, without compromising accuracy or performance.

Xnor’s technology is used by global corporations in aerospace, automotive, retail, photography, consumer electronics and government. Its first use case was image recognition in smart security cameras.

In July 2019, Xnor announced that it was partnering up with Wyze Labs to bring artificial intelligence-powered person recognition capabilities to Wyze’s catalog of smart home devices. Through a firmware update to existing devices, Wyze’s cameras will now be able to automatically identify when people appear in the field of view.

In January 2020 Xnor was acquired by Apple for $200m. Apple reportedly beat rival bids from Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel. Xnor had previously raised just under $15m in 2 rounds of funding. 

Founded in 2016 after being spun out of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Allen Institute for AI (AI2), the company is based in Seattle.

Map showing the location of XNOR.ai

Seattle, United States

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Key people

Ali Farhadi CEO
Carlo C del Mundo Engineer
Mohammad Rastegari CTO
Sophie Lebrecht Director Of Operations
Alexei Andreev Observer
Oren Etzioni Board Member
Matthew McIlwain Board Member
Dan Waters VP of Business Development & Marketing
Paul Asel Board Observer