Xiaomi overview

Xiaomi Inc. manufactures and distributes mobile phones and consumer electronics. The company also develops mobile applications.

Xiaomi targets the lower-middle market and has gained a loyal fan base by incorporating user feedback into the design of its latest sets and Android skins. It offers internet value-added products including TV boxes, backpacks, phone screen protectors, earphones, and more.

Its products include Redmi, an Android smartphone; MIUI ROM, a customisable ROM; MiTalk, a messaging application; Mi TV, a 3D television; as well as smart home security devices and health bands. It also offers numerous other smart devices for the home, as well as scooters.

In 2015 Xiaomi launched Mi Protect, enabling its customers to buy insurance for the devices they were purchasing.

Xiaomi Inc. was founded in April 2010 and is based in Beijing, China.

Map showing the location of Xiaomi

Beijing, China

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Key people

Chen Zhang Senior Software Engineer
Manu Jain Global Vice President
Chuan Wang Co-Founder and Vice President
Tzetuo Cheng General Manager, Marketing Center of MIUI Ad Department
Baoqiu Cui VP & Chairman of Technical Committee
Duane Kuang Board Member
Huihui Yuan MIUI System Engineer
Jianhui Zhang VP, Sales Service
Feng Hong Co-Founder
Lei Jun Chairman, CEO & Founder
De Liu Co-Founder and Vice-President
Lin Bin Co-Founder & President
Wanqiang Li Co-Founder and Senior Vice President
Robin Chan Investor
Jiangji Huang Product Manager
Chenlei Wang Senior Product Manager
Ketaki Salaskar Consumer Insights Manager
Qiushi Liang Deputy General Manager
James Munn Head of Global Operator Development
Wang Xiang Partner,President
Raghu Reddy Chief Business Officer
Pingping Mao Shirley Executive Director/Head of Oversea Investment
Vanessa Tan Director of Marketing, Indonesia
Jorge Monsalve Bosada Former eCommerce & Omnichannel Advisor