Wejo overview

Wejo develops smartphone telematics applications that utilise in-built car sensors to monitor driving behaviour and display driving scores based on factors such as cornering, braking, acceleration, speed, location, and time of day. By blending simple access to connected car data with voice-based driver services, Wejo aim to improve on the driver experience and increase safety.

Wejo collects big data on millions of vehicles and drivers, which is then licensed to mobility organisations, such as city planners , insurers and governments. It offers numerous insights, including location data 95% accurate to a 3-metre radius, real-time journey and traffic information, and current and historical information about driving behaviours. At peak, it collects around 650k data points per second.

The startup is currently tracking 15m vehicles in 190 countries and has already curated over 78b miles.

In August 2020, Wejo raised £10m in a new funding round - investors included DIP Capital and the UK government's Future Fund. The fresh investment will be used to bring new products to market, plus create partnerships with auto companies to enable expansion.

Wejo was established in January 2014, and has hired over 150 staff with its headquarters in Manchester, UK. 

Map showing the location of Wejo

Chester, United Kingdom

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Key people

Richard Barlow Founder & CEO
Sarah Larner Commercial Director
Bret Scott VP of partnerships
Steven Pimblett CIO & CDO