Volvo Cars Group overview

The first mass-produced Volvo car rolled off the production line in Gothenburg in 1927. Since then, they have delivered a steady stream of cars equipped with world-leading innovations. Today, they are one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world with sales in about 100 countries. Volvo Cars largest markets are the United States, Sweden, China, Germany and the UK.

Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) is owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely Holding) of China. Volvo Cars formed part of the Swedish Volvo Group until 1999, when Ford Motor Company bought the company. In 2010, Geely Holding acquired Volvo Cars.

Recently Volvo has been working on introducing innovative safety technology to its vehicles. This includes the release of a central digital library of safety knowledge to help other companies in the car industry.

In early 2019 Volvo introduced in-car cameras and sensors that would enable the car to intervene in specific dangerous situations.

Later in the year, Volvo announced it was deploying new connected safety technology across Europe which enables Volvo cars to communicate with others nearby in real-time and alert drivers of slippery roads and other hazards via a cloud based network. It will become a standard service on all models from 2020, and can be retrofitted on some older models. The technology has already been seen in Sweden and Norway.

Last, working together with Ergo, Volvo Germany has launched Volvo Car Protection, a new on-demand insurance offering. Accessible via an iOS app, it offers instant coverage for a minimum of one day up to 21. Coverage includes third party driver protection, car rental protection, travel luggage and sports equipment protection, international health insurance, occupant accident protection, and trailer protection.

During August 2023 Volvo partnered with Wrisk. The collaboration involves a completely redesigned, fully branded motor insurance proposition for both existing and new Volvo customers. Wrisk's unique flexible subscription product, supported by a user-friendly 24/7 digital customer journey, enhances the online experience.

Map showing the location of Volvo Cars Group

Göteborg, Sweden

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Key people

Cliff Everingham Mobile Network Operator Service Owner & Technology Manager
Ödgärd Andersson Vice President of Vehicle Software and Electronics
Fredrik Gustafsson Consultant Software Developer
Tom Johnstone Member of the Board of Directors
Jonas Soderqvist Director Digital Innovation and Partnerhips
Casper Wickman Project Leader - Data Driven User Experience
Mikael Ohlsson Member of the Board of Directors
Winnie Fok Member of the Board of Directors
Robert Brostrom Senior Technical Leader UX
Lone Fonns Shroder Director
Hakan Samuelsson CEO
Håkan Samuelsson CEO
Betsy Atkins Board Member
Thomas Ingenlath Chief Design Officer Volvo Cars
Magnus Wernersson Senior HVAC Architect
Nick Connor Managing Director
Timo Paulsson Head of Strategy and Sustainability Governance
Martin Kristensson VP Digital Business
Lex Kerssemakers CCO
Magnus Fredin Senior Vice President Global Online Business
Pratik Budhdev Global Investment Director
Diarmuid O'Connell Board Member
Jyoti Malhotra Managing Director
Jim Nichols Vice President, Head of Product & Technology Consumer Offer