Vantik overview

Vantik is a fully digital private pension for millennials. The Berlin-based startup has designed a secure and flexible mobile pension solution, with funds that invest in sustainable, exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Users can open an account within 11 minutes and save through one-off or monthly transfers. Throughout the process users are only charged 1% per deposit for protection against recessions, and 1.18% of their balance per year for their Vantik's services, including account management. The company also offers a debit card which connects to a customer's bank account, and with every purchase of said card they receive 1% back as cashback, which is then invested in Vantik's retirement fund.

Customers can change their savings rate at any time and are able to view their transactions 24/7 via the app. Thanks to their security buffer all customer contributions are secured at retirement. This buffer creates a hedge against the risk of potential loses at a much lower cost than typical insurance or individual solution.

Vantik raised its €1.4m Seed round in February 2019, following a €850k Pre-Seed round in 2018.

In February 2021 Vantik, Mastercard and Vodeno, a Banking-as-a-Service platform, partnered to provide people with a free Debit Mastercard that enables users to earn 1% cashback on each purchase, which is then automatically saved into a portfolio for retirement.

Vantik raised further, undisclosed funding in April 2021 from Matthias Setzer, Custos, Atlantic Labs and STS Ventures.

The startup was established in 2017 by Til Klein and Lara Hämmerle. 

Map showing the location of Vantik

Berlin, Germany

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Key people

Olaf Keese Advisor
Sabino Papagna CTO
Lara Hämmerle Co-Founder