UVeye overview

UVeye provides solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles, using advanced technologies that include proprietary hardware combined with machine learning and computer-vision algorithms.

UVeye’s first line of products enables customers to automatically scan, detect and identify anomalies, modifications or foreign objects in the undercarriage of any vehicle. The technology can detect extremely small flaws, up to and including scratches of just 2mm. Its product Helios can scan the undercarriage of the vehicle for modifications and foreign objects, whilst Atlas can conduct a 360 scan of any vehicle, and Artemis provides tyre inspections.

The technology and the product are applicable to multiple markets, specifically Homeland Security & Defense (HLS), Automotive and Insurance. Within the latter two, the use cases include manufacturing lines (QC, acceptance test), Car Dealers pre-delivery tests, Fleet Vehicles, Car Repair Shops and more.

UVeye's clients include Daimler AG, Skoda and Volvo. It is currently branching further into the insurance industry, and CEO Amir Hever has stated the company has had inquiries from businesses within the aviation, trains and ships industry.

In July 2019 it was announced UVeye had raised $31m from Volvo, Toyota Tsusho Co and commercial insurance holding company W. R. Berkley Corp. 

Map showing the location of UVeye

New York City, United States

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Key people

Eyal Kaplan VP HLS
Peter Sugarman Legal Advisor
Shachar Sherizly VP UX
Amir Hever Co-Founder & CEO
Ohad Hever COO & Co-Founder
David Oren VP Business Development
Dvir Paravi CTO
David Oren Chief Strategy Officer
Yaron Saghiv CMO
Bob Rich National Sales Director
Adva Plotkin VP HR