Tier Mobility overview

Tier is an electric scooter company based in Berlin. 

Tier operates a fleet of 20,000 scooters across 40 cities in 12 countries. Its scooters have a lifespan of around 18 months. The company has stated it plans to add other transportation options to the business, but so far has not disclosed any further information.

From July to October 2019, Tier grew by 8 million rides through its direct services and partnerships with other companies, such as Sixt, the car rental company. Tier is currently aiming to reach 3-5million rides per week. It reached a complete total of 10m rides in October 2019, and added that of those, there had been 250 incidents, most of which were minor.

In October 2019, Tier raised a €55m ($60m) Series B round, led by Mubadala Capital and Goodwater Capita, with insurer AXA as one of the participants. Tier stated the money would be used to invest in geographical expansion and its technology.

Following its Series B in October 2019, Tier Mobility acquired 5,000 electric mopeds plus charging infrastructure from Coup Mobility in February 2020, following the latter's decision to close. Tier stated it saw an opportunity in diversifying its fleet, offering customers wider choice of EV to suit their transport needs.

Map showing the location of Tier Mobility

Berlin, Germany

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Key people

Julian Blessin Co-Founder
Birgir Ragnarsson Board Member
Max Holnaicher Board Observer
Matthias Wilrich VP Vehicles & Supply Chain
Alex Gayer CFO
Matthieu Lattes Board Member
George Kalligeros Director of Hardware
Fred Jones VP & Regional General Manager | Northern Europe
Alex Souter VP & RGM, South-West Europe & Middle East
Andras Kindler VP of Engineering
Tinia Muehlfenzl Vice President Market Development
Philipp Haas Vice President Expansion & Central Operations
Lisa Hogg Director - Brand & Marketing (Interim)
Kevin Jolly Vice President, Data (Interim)
Gyula Voros Principal Engineer
Balazs Zsedely Managing Director at Tech Hub Budapest