Thirty Madison overview

Thirty Madison is a healthcare company specialising in personalised solutions for chronic conditions.

Their first brand, Keeps, is a full-service healthcare company that combines virtual diagnosis and FDA-approved treatments to create access to preventative medicine and care for millions of men experiencing hair loss. Thirty Madison also offers Cove, which focuses on migraine, and Evens which treats acid reflux. Through telemedicine, patients can easily order treatments for each condition. It also offered Evens for gastrointestinal conditions and Picnic for migraines.

Thirty Madison raised $47m in Series B funding in August 2020. The company stated it planned to use the funds to enhance its services, creating new brands and services.

In June 2021, Thirty Madison raised $140m in Series C funding, valuing the company at over 1bn. It intends the new funding to be used in platform development, and to expand access to its care model.

Map showing the location of Thirty Madison

New York City, United States

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Key people

Steven Gutentag CEO