Tesla overview

Tesla Motors was started by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and strives to create a revolution and accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars.

After 7 years in business, Tesla officially went public in June 2010. Today, the firm has a market cap of $34.32 billion. Tesla Motors’ goal is to increase the number and variety of EVs through three strategies. The first is to sell its own branded vehicle through its showrooms. Second is to sell premium, high-quality, patented electric components to other automakers. And third, it serves as a “catalyst and positive example to other automakers.” Already, Elon Musk's vision has prompted movement in the EV market, with the GM Volt being rumoured to have been inspired by Tesla's now-famous Roadster.

Outside of the chief manufacturing work, Tesla, as of 2019, now offer auto insurance in the State of California. Developed in collaboration with Markel, the aim is to provide Tesla owners with up to a 30% discount on their insurance.

In September 2021, Elon Musk state "“Tesla is hoping to offer real-time (based on actual driving history) insurance in Texas next month." The company plans to eventually roll out the insurance offering world-wide.

Map showing the location of Tesla

Palo Alto, United States

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Key people

Larry Ellison Board Of Directiors
Mouad Hadji Senior Data Scientist, Technical Lead
Watson Yim Senior Software Engineer
Kathleen Wilson-Thompson Board Of Directors
Elon Reeves Musk Ceo
Myriam Attou Regional Sales Director in EMEA
Barry Schuler Investor
Drew Baglino Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy Engineering
Kim Liebregts Country Director of Netherlands
Ze'Ev Drori Board of Directors, Vice Chairman
Malcolm Smith VP, Vehicle Engineering
Rohan Patel Director
Kimbal Musk Member of Board of Directors
Elon Musk Co-Founder, Product Architect and CEO
Ira Ehrenpreis Member of the Board of Directors
Antonio Gracias Member of Board of Directors
Franz von Holzhausen Chief Designer
Philip Odegard Business Advisor
Maneesh Jain Manufacturing & Production
Sterling Anderson Director of Autopilot Programs
Zhenhua Yu Machine Learning Engineer
Linda Johnson Rice Independent Director
Tom Harvey Head of Commercial and Industrial Channel Sales, Americas
Andrej Karpathy Senior Director of Artifical Intelligence
Marlon Barnes Regional Service Manager | Mountain Region
Mike Rizkalla Director Software Engineering, Vehicle Firmware
Juan Gomez Staff Software Engineer
Neven Horvatic Staff Systems Design/Architecture Engineer
Robyn Denholm Chairman of the Board of Directors
Vaibhav Taneja Chief Accounting Officer
Kenneth Morgan Vice President, Sales Finance
Scott Knackmuhs Staff Program Manager
Kristen Kavanaugh Director of Inclusion, Talent, & Learning
Jerome Guillen President, Heavy Duty Trucking
Eric Amikam Manufacturing Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering, Assembly
Jiahui Jin Business Systems Analyst
Tom Zhu Global CEO of Tesla China
Jimmy Douglas Director, Sales & Delivery Operations