Solvency overview

Solvency is an InsurTech that links a client’s motor and household insurance premiums to a savings account, in their name, and allows complete control of what percentage - up to 25% - of the premium goes to risk and what goes into direct savings, with interest earned. Regardless of whether a user claims or not, they can choose to withdraw in cash, up to 50% of your savings in a 12-month period, or leave the money invested to grow and earn interest.

Founded in 2018, Solvency currently offers Car insurance, Caravan and Trailer Insurance, Building Insurance, Valuable Insurance and Household Content Insurance. It also offers its users 'BetterDrive' a behavioural-type savings booster which enables users to receive up to 25% of premiums spent very three months.

Map showing the location of Solvency

Johannesburg, South Africa

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