Slope Software overview

Slope Software provides cloud-based actuarial modelling and risk management solutions for insurers, actuaries, and financial institutions. The platform launched in 2019.

The modelling platform comes with a set of features to build complex asset/liability models across a range of insurance products and investments with ease. The platform can support various actuarial functions such as Pricing, Valuation, ALM, Cash Flow Testing, PBR, and much more.

Slope is designed to be an end-to-end modelling solution for any insurer or consulting company. Model development and construction are accomplished through a simple point and click interface, with all formulas open code and displayed in plain English. Assumptions and inputs are managed and stored for every model and can directly utilise existing data sources, including Excel spreadsheets.

Model and input changes are all tracked and clearly transparent to the users, simplifying model governance and validation. Results from model runs can easily be viewed through the integrated business intelligence dashboards, providing visually appealing charts, graphs, and tables at the click of a button.

Built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the system is capable of scaling instantly to the needs of each run. It can execute multiple scenarios in parallel without the need for users to manage any hardware resources, and data is automatically managed, tracked and consolidated.

In January 2020 Slope Software announced it had raised $1m in Seed funding, led by Cofounders Capital. The money will be used to scale the growth of the software platform.

Map showing the location of Slope Software

Chamblee, United States

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Tim McLoughlin Investor/Adviser: Board of Directors