Sequoia Capital overview

Sequoia is a venture capital focused on energy, financial, enterprise, healthcare, internet, and mobile startups. It has backed companies that now control $1.4 trillion of combined stock market value.

Sequoia invests in both public and private companies. It specialises in incubation, seed stage, startup stage, early stage, and growth stage investments in private companies. It manages multiple investment funds including funds specific to India and China.

The company was founded by Don Valentine in November 1972 and is based on Menlo Park, California.

Map showing the location of Sequoia Capital

Menlo Park, United States

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Key people

Todd Cozzens Senior Advisor
Michael Yao Associate - China
Robert Zhang Head of Legal Department, China
Gautam Mago Vice President, India
Yao Sun Analyst - China
Pieter Kemps Principal
GV Ravishankar Managing Director - India
Andrew Lee Vice President
Sandeep Kapoor CLO and Compliance Officer, India
Payal Banerjee VP and Head - Communications, India and Southeast Asia
Fred Wang Managing Director, China
Jeff Grimes Sequoia Capital Scout
Xi Cao Partner, China
Klaus Wang Vice President
Shailendra Singh Managing Director, Sequoia Capital (India) Singapore
Xiaobo Lu Partner, China
Michael Abramson Partner, Growth
Marc McCabe Scout
Ash Bhoopathy (co)Labs Entrepreneur
Sonya Huang Partner
Neil Shen Founding Managing Partner - China
Cen Wang Partner, China
Anirudh Bose Mullick Vice President, Human Resources
Patrick Fu Managing Partner
Allen Hu Venture Partner
Parag Sonar Head-Information Technology, India
Bret Reckard Technical Recruiting Manager
Stephanie Zhan Partner
George Robson Partner
Trency Gu Vice President
Juliette Perfettini Marketing Manager
Shailesh Lakhani Managing Director - India
Janna Yang Vice President , China
Ishaan Mittal Principal
Ashish Agrawal Principal
Harshjit Sethi Principal
Rohit Agarwal Vice President
Jung Son Chief Compliance Officer
Lee Zhou Analyst - China
Xing Liu Partner, China
Thomas Stephenson Special Limited Partner
Abhishek Mohan Vice President
Joe Dobrenski Human Capital Partner
Glen Sun Vice President, China
Kevin Pan Managing Director
Melinda Dunn Chief Financial Officer
Atit Mehta VP and Head of Media
Sakshi Chopra VP
Haim Sadger Partner, Israel
Samantha DU Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China
Stacey Gerber Head of Events
Chris Henchy partnered
Chandra Narayanan Chief Data Scientist
Anjana Sasidharan Principal
Raja Ganapathy CMO, India
Don Vieira Global Chief Legal Officer & Partner
Anandamoy Roychowdhary Director, Technology, India
Anmin Yao Vice President
Josephine Chen Partner
Don Valentine Founder & Partner Emeritus
Michael Moritz Managing Partner
Douglas Leone Global Managing Partner
Shmil Levy Partner, Israel
Marie Klemchuk US CFO
Roelof Botha Partner
Jim Goetz Partner
Kui Zhou Partner, China
Steven Ji Partner, China
Mohit Bhatnagar Managing Director - India
Tina Yang Vice President and Beijing Office Manager
Pieter de Villiers Portfolio Company CEO
Amy Qian Office Manager
Patrick Grady Partner
Gary Li Vice President
Bryan Schreier Partner
Naru Narayanan Finance Controller for India
Chad Dyer Chief Information Officer
Jiajia Zou Vice President, China
Gili Raanan Partner, Israel
Rajiv Krishnarao Partner
Sammy Cheng Vice President , China
Rock Wang Vice President, China
Caroline Fu Vice President
Wendy Kok CFO , China
Wayne Guo Vice President
Jaime Bott Partner, Human Capital
David Wei Regional Manager
Jeff Wang Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager
Alfred Lin Partner
Molly Xiao Vice President , China
Ian Qian Vice President
Yoav Shaked Partner, Israel
W. M. Coughran Partner
W. M. Coughran Founder's Coach and Partner
Matt Miller Partner, Growth
Diane Briones Human Capital
Xiaotian Qin VP
Abheek Anand Managing Director
YaNan Yang Senior PR Manager
Blair Shane Marketing Partner and Chief Marketing Officer
Helen Fan Vice President
Andrew Reed General Partner
Bharat Singh CFO
Jia Zhai Vice President
Wayne Wang Associate
Jeff Pashalides Head of Business Development
James Buckhouse Design Partner
Qingsheng Zheng Partner, China
Jake Quist Venture Capital / Data
Tony Xiang Vice President
Lynn Yang Managing Director, China
Jess Lee Partner
Maia Bittner Sequoia Capital Scout
Mike Vernal Partner
Carl Eschenbach Partner
Kanjun Qiu Sequoia Capital Scout
Kristina Omari Sequoia Scout
Ayush Sood Investment Scout
Natalie Miyake Head of Communications
Colin Guo Partner, China
Seth Bindernagel Sequoia Scout
Patricia Ma Head of People Operations
Sam Lambert Sequoia Scout
Austin Quarles BD
Camille Hearst Sequoia Capital Scout
Amy Sun Partner
Jason Shah Scout
Zeb Hermann Investor Operations
Austin Knight Advisor
Shaun Maguire Partner
Wenji Jin Managing Director
Kais Khimji Partner
Ravi Gupta Partner
Konstantine Buhler Partner
Suhani Sumanchna Board Member
Bogomil Balkansky Partner
Nir Dremer Scout
Vipin Chamakkala Director, Customer Partnerships
Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon Angel Investor
Prachi Pawar Investment Team
Jim Gearhart Vice President, Head of Technology - US
Luciana Lixandru Partner
Isaiah Boone Partner
Nmachi Jidenma Head of Scouts & Partnerships
Alexis Juri Pribula Data Scientist
Jacob Singh CTO in Residence
Anas Biad Partner
Alexandre Berriche Scout