SCOR overview

SCOR is a tier 1 reinsurer specialising in Property and Casualty and Life reinsurance solutions. Established in 1970, it is now the 5th largest reinsurer in the world, with around €19.7 billion in revenues, the company employees 3,522 people from 65 nationalities,  across 35 offices worldwide and operates in an over 160 countries.

SCOR provides financial solutions, analytics tools and services in all areas related to risk – in Life & Health insurance as well as in P&C insurance. The Life & Health Division of SCOR offers reinsurance solutions for the risks of death, morbidity or longevity, as well as financial solutions, and specialises in biometric risk coverage. Its P&C treaties cover damages, automobiles and liability across EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

In 2018, SCOR reported €15.3bn in turnover, and a net profit of €322m. In the same year, the company announces the launch of SCOR Life and Health Ventures, a CVC that aims to make investments and create partnerships that increase client engagement, improve health and wellbeing, optimise risk selection and develop tailor-made solutions.

Also in 2018, SCOR Global P&C's Channel Syndicate partnered with Hokodo to expand its offering to include invoice protection for SMEs.

In 2019 SCOR partnered with Garmin to develop a new algorithm that uses SCOR's actuarial science with Garmin's wearables data. SCOR's participating customers will have full access to Garmin's metrics, and if they choose to use SCOR's Good Life app, will be encouraged and supported in participating in an active and healthy lifestyle.

In February 2020 SCOR partnered with Verisk to launch a new analytics platform for life insurance underwriting. The solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help life insurers ingest and interpret electronic health records (EHRs) for real-time underwriting decisions once the appropriate consumer consents have been obtained.

Also in 2020 it acquired a majority stake in AgroBrazil, an innovator and leader in Brazil's agriculture insurance ecosystem. 

In May 2021 SCOR announced a new strategic partnership with digital claims management insurtech Snapsheet. Through the partnership, SCOR clients will have access to Snapsheet’s end-to-end claims management platform, digital payments platform, motor virtual appraisal offering, and a comprehensive set of third-party integrations.

In April 2022 SCOR announced it was partnering with Atidot to increase in-force business value for life insurers. The value of the new offering will lie in its improved ability to predict policyholder behaviour and also develop interactive marketing strategies for retaining customers. The product will combine Atidot's data modelling platform with Remark's (SCOR's subsidiary) customer insights capabilities.

In July 2022 SCOR partnered with Concirrus. SCOR will use Concirrus data modelling capabilities in order to improve its marine line's loss ratios. As part of the collaboration, SCOR will have access to the Hull Market Model, available on Concirrus' Quest platform, which provides real-time risk management.

The company was a participant in the InsurTech NY 2022 MGA Lab. 

Later in February 2023 the company adopted the Marine Hull Market Model from insurtech Concirrus to improve loss ratios within its marine line of business.

Map showing the location of SCOR

Paris, France

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Key people

Simon Pearson Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SCOR Global Life
Rupen Shah Global Head of Longevity & Financial Solutions
Paolo De Martin Chief Executive Officer of SCOR Global Life
Victor Peignet CEO of SCOR Global P&C
Ian Kelly Chief Financial Officer
Laurent Rousseau Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Jean-Paul Conoscente Chief Executive Officer of SCOR Property & Casualty
Melanie Tromba Global MGA CTO - Specialty
Denis Kessler Président
François de Varenne Interim Chief Executive Officer - Investments, Technology, Transformation and Group Corporate Finance
Frieder Knüpling CEO of SCOR Global Life
Romain Launay Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SCOR Property & Casualty
Rodolphe Herve Global Head of Operations