Saphron overview

Saphron is a technology company promoting financial inclusion in SE Asia. It primarily serves the micro and modular markets, focusing on on-demand protection, the gig economy and offering services that provide more accessibility to lower-income segments. It is backed by Pioneer, Amihan and CARD-MRI. 

Saphron's products include, a grassroots agent platform built for microinsurance agents, Saphron Market, an online marketplace for 'bitesized' on demand protection and 'insurance accessories'. 

In February 2020 Saphron launched Mona, it 'heartbreak' cover product. Built in partnership with Events Cancellation insurer Pioneer, customers can insure a special relationship event such as an anniversary trip; any cause of cancellation, or 'heartbreak' from illness to relationship breakup triggers payout in the shape of a free stay in a local partner hotel.

Map showing the location of Saphron

Sitangkai, Philippines

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Key people

Francisco Reyes Founder & CTO
Mark Colentava Product Development Consultant