Safehub overview

SafeHub is a San Fransisco based company that provides real-time risk & damage assessment of buildings and portfolios. Founded in 2015, the venture uses sensors and AI to predict when catastrophes, particularly earthquakes, are about to happen allowing measures to be taken to mitigate potential damage. This enables corporations to refine and evaluate insurance and risk reduction programs, and expedite emergency response and recovery, minutes following an event.

With both immediate building-specific alerts and post-event analysis tools, SafeHub helps insurers, first responders and property owners alike. It offers information globally, across timezones and teams.

Safehub raised $5m in Seed funding in July 2020, in a round led by Fusion Fund and Ubiquity Ventures. The company stated it would use the fresh funding to accelerate product deployment.

Map showing the location of Safehub

San Francisco, United States

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Key people

Andy Thompson Cofounder & CEO
Doug Frazier Chairman