Roost overview

Roost is a developer of smart, in-home solutions to safeguard dwellings and better serve insurers. Its offering includes a Roost Smart Water Leak, Fire and Freeze Detector and a Roost Garage Door Sensor. All these innovative devices deliver notifications to customers’ smartphones when a potentially dangerous event occurs. Roost also offers a Smart Battery, which can be retroactively fitted to smoke alarms to connect them to wifi and in turn, mobile phones, to alert owners and nominated friends and family when the battery is low or if the alarm sounds whilst homeowners are out of the house.

Established in 2014, Roost’s primary go-to-market approach is via insurance companies distributing directly to their policyholders. The effect is a reduction in claim cost expenses, with fire and water perils costing $20B per year in the U.S., as well as driving policyholder engagement through a content-rich, digital mobile app experience, impacting retention and customer acquisition.

Roost has formed partnerships with multiple insurers, including Aviva, Erie, Liberty Mutual and State Auto. Roost also announced a new partnership with Olympus Insurance in July 2019. In a strategic agreement designed to explore how Roost can help mitigate claims, reduce home repair costs, and provide an increased value to homeowners, Olympus Insurance and Roost are launching a pilot program to include a specific subset of Olympus Florida policyholders. The pilot will include providing homeowners with smart water leak and freeze detectors, to use alongside a mobile app as an early warning sign for leaks.

Map showing the location of Roost

Sunnyvale, United States

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Key people

Mickey Nasiri Vice President Software
Gopi Rangan Board Observer
Richard Watts Board Member
Nate Williams Board Member
Adam Boyden Board Member
James Blackwell Founder and CTO
Roel Peeters Founder & CEO
David Henry CMO