Plum Fintech overview

Plum is a personal savings AI assistant linked to current accounts. It analyses a user's incomings and outgoings, and automatically sets small safe amounts of money aside.  It also provides insights on spending, offers investment opportunities, and finds deals on utilities. Users can also organise and monitor their account via SMS.

Plum monitors a users current account, using AI to deem what each user can afford to save based on bank transactions and the end-of-month leftover amount. It saves money each month through regular saving or rounding-up transactions. The money saved can be put in an ISA investment account and invested in themed companies (such as technology or 'ethical companies'), in savings, or split across both. Plum also offers more novelty savings challenges such as the Rainy Day Rule, which saves money whenever it rains. 

Plum has 650,000 registered users.

In November 2019 Plum raised $3m in additional funding (to the $4.5m it raised earlier in the year), which it plans to use for for expansion and growing the team. In the same month it launched an app for Android, adding to its iOS app and Facebook chatbot. 

Map showing the location of Plum Fintech

London, United Kingdom

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