Penguin Portals overview

Penguin Portals is a global network of comparison platforms for financial services.

The Penguin Portals platforms help users compare a range of financial services including insurance, loans, mortgages, credit cards and banking, energy, internet providers and many more.

Its brands include, Rastreator,,, and as of 2019, The platforms are supported by Admiral Technologies.

Penguin Portal's platforms are available in 6 countries and receive a collective 7m visitors a month. It has reported a £160m+ turnover.

Penguin Portals is formed of two holding groups – Penguin Portals Ltd and Preminen Price Comparison Holdings Ltd. Penguin Portals Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Admiral Group plc, whilst Preminen is a joint venture between Admiral Group plc and MAPFRE.

In January 2021 Admiral agreed to sell its subsidiary Penguin Portals, which includes Confused, as well as its technology operation for around £500m to rival ZPG (owner of Uswitch). Whilst the majority of funds will be returned to shareholders, some will be kept to 'support investment in new business development'.

Map showing the location of Penguin Portals

Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Key people

Elena Betés CEO
Margaret Rice-Jones Chairperson