Founded in 2016, is a one-stop-shop for chatbots - it offers a variety of services from conceptualising, designing, data cleaning, developing, testing to running the live bot post production. develops the underlying algorithms powering AI chatbots, enabling them to understand the semantics of an entire message rather than react to key trigger words or phrases, as well as retain a contextual memory of previous conversations. As a result, users can converse without suffering from common chatbot issues (such as the bots requiring grammatical accuracy), and receive better personalised services. has a strong focus on the continual development of proprietary deep NLP technologies, which entails teaching bots increasingly complex and abstract words without human help, and using chat cues to produce responses or content catered to individual conversation. The venture does this by drawing upon industry-specific data sources and extensive A/B testing, as well as other user experience techniques.

In the last quarter of 2017, the venture collaborated with several financial services companies, including AIA Malaysia. has also continued to develop TOMI, the AI chatbot built in collaboration with Tokio Marine Life.

In 2017, took part in Kuala Lumpur’s SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator.

In September 2019 announced the launch of its latest AI engine, TE01, which is able to generate Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that promise to cut error rate for intent classification, an important parameter to measure the model's accuracy, by up to 25% while also significantly slow down NLP decay. The new TE01 engine is built based on Transfer-Learning, the state-of-the-art NLP method, which was first published by the research community in mid 2018. The models generated using TE01 have already been put into production with an integrated AI chatbot offered by Great Eastern Life Singapore, which enables its agents to perform such enquiries like claim status check and policy details.

It is serving large companies such as Great Eastern Life Singapore, Schroders, Allianz and UBS across Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

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Key people

David Low Chief Data Scientist | Co-Founder
Shin Wee Chuang Co-Founder and CEO
James Tan Chair of Advisory Board