Motivo overview

Motivo is a platform for therapist tele-supervision. It connects pre-licensed therapists with clinical supervisors through secure video conference.

All pre-licensed therapists have mandatory supervision hours they need to complete for licensure, and a crucial part of that process is having the right supervisor. Motivo tackles the issue of limited pools of supervisors for therapists to choose from and a shortage in licensed therapists in rural areas. With the rise of telehealth, most states now allow clinical supervision hours to be obtained online through live video-conference, and Motivo aims to provide healthcare providers and therapists with this secure solution.

In December 2019 Motivo announced it had raised $2.2m in Seed financing. 

Map showing the location of Motivo

Atlanta, United States

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Key people

Rachel McCrickard CEO
Tim Howe Board Member
Greg Hearn Product Advisor
David Hardwick Technical Advisor
Lauren Patrick Head of Marketing
Jonathan Cantrell Lead Developer
Sarah Louragh COO
Mike Chen CTO
Carla Smith Chief Clinical Officer