MoooFarm overview

Founded in Melbourne in 2018, MoooFarm is an Australian AgTech company that aims to drive social change in developing countries such as India. MoooFarm enhances rural farmers’ access to better technology by inserting a complete dairy farm management tool with a built in e-commerce platform into the dairy farming process of rural India. 

In order to ensure every single farmer can be reached a fully equipped Mooo Van travels across villages providing hands-on digital and skills training to the dairy farmers. A joint curriculum of digital literacy and agrarian training is provided on critical topics affecting their livelihood, as well as informing farmers about the app. MoooFarm's app leverages data analytics and harnesses the power of big data to create end to end solutions for farm management.

This technological system is bolstered by a network of Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE). The VLE’s supplement this virtual system by visiting each farmer’s doorstep for ICT training. For continuous long term engagement and handholding, a call centre is established to assist farmer queries on immediate basis.

In July 2019, MoooFarm announced the launch of its facial recognition technology for cattle, which would reduce insurance fraud in the livestock insurance industry and would help to easily identify cattle to their owners. The technology tested at around 95% accuracy, with MoooFarm saying that it is aiming for 100% accuracy by 2020. 

Map showing the location of MoooFarm

Melbourne, Australia

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Key people

Param Singh Founder
Aashna Singh Co-Founder
Dee Kaur Chief Development Officer