Lyra Health overview

Lyra Health’s mission is to transform behavioural health care through technology with a human touch — to get more patients the care they need when they need it.

Lyra Health is a leading provider of innovative mental health benefits for more than 2 million U.S. employees and dependents. It is aiming to transform mental health care by creating a frictionless experience for members, providers, and employers. Using matching technology and a digital platform, Lyra connects companies and their employees–plus spouses and children–to therapists, mental health coaches, and personalised medication prescribing. Lyra’s platform also enhances the care process using technology to support clients and providers in between sessions.

In August 2020 Lyra became a Unicorn when it raised $110m in Series D funding. The company stated it would use the new funding to build out its teletherapy service and expand its service offering.

Less than a year after securing Unicorn status and raising $110m in Series D funding, Lyra Health raised $187m in Series E funding in January 2021.

Map showing the location of Lyra Health

Burlingame, United States

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Key people

David Ebersman Founder and CEO
Bryan Roberts Co-Founder
Hubert Lin VP, Finance
Bob Kocher Co-Founder
Chris Tamasi Partnerships Director
Connie Chen Chief Medical Officer
James Slavet Board member
Sean McBride Partnerships Director
Elaine Yang VP of Operations
Jenny Gonsalves Vice President, Engineering
Eddie Farah Engineering Manager
Scott Jordon Board Observer
Stewart Gollmer Member Of Board Observer
Connie Chen Chief Medical Officer
Poornaprajna Udupi Advisor
Ben Wu VP of Product
Kerry Chandler Board Member