Liberty Mutual Insurance overview

In business since 1912, and headquartered in Boston, Mass., today Liberty Mutual are the fifth largest global property and casualty insurer based on 2018 gross written premium.  

Liberty Mutual operates across three units: personal insurance lines, commercial insurance lines and Liberty Mutual Investments. Its insurance products and services include auto, property, life, pet, critical illness, small business and more. 

Liberty Mutual has its own global innovation hubs, Solaria Labs, which explore key trends in next-generation vehicles, connected life and sharing technology. It also has key technology interests in natural language processing and computer vision. Solaria Labs are located in Boston, Singapore and - as of June 2019 - São Paulo, Brazil. Its portfolio includes All Set, GigUp, Shine API, Total Home Score and DwellBeing.

The corporate insurer also has its own venture capital arm, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures, which focuses on innovation within next generation vehicles, connected home, sharing economy and insurance innovation. 

In 2017 Liberty Mutual acquired TRU Services, which provide Medical Stop Loss products, for an undisclosed amount. The year before Liberty Mutual had acquired Ironshore Insurance for $3b. 

In 2019 Liberty Mutual has been involved in several large investment rounds, including Snapsheet's $29m Series E (May 2019) and Super's $20m Series B (April 2019).

Liberty Mutual rank 75th on the Fortune 100 list of largest corporations in the U.S. based on 2018 revenue. As of December 31, 2018, the corporate insurer had $41.6 billion in annual consolidated revenue.

Liberty Mutual employs more than 50,000 people, and serves customers in 30 countries.

Map showing the location of Liberty Mutual Insurance

Boston, United States

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Key people

Neeti Bhalla Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Brian Morse Product Owner
Eric Charron Director of Trading
Beth Houlis Director of Design, Research and Innovation
Alexander Fontanes Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
James M. McGlennon Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Jaclyn Epstein Director and Marketing
Marty Brisebois Digital Strategy and Operations
Shawn Tubman VP, Corporate Human Resources & Manager
Stacey Messier Design Director, Direct Service & Claims Portfolio, CCAD
Nicholas Donofrio Board of Directors
Matt Ruel Security Architect
Eric Brosius Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary
Eric A. Spiegel Board of Directors
Michael Letourneau Architect
Vera Harrington AVP Innovation: Disruptive Trends, Insights, and IP
Jessica Schniepp Sr Product Owner Cloud & Security
James F. Kelleher Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Miranda LeBlanc Engineering Manager
William C. Van Faasen Board of Directors
Annette M. Verschuren Board of Directors
Ben Healy Principal Analyst, Data Science - Customer Advocacy
Dennis J. Langwell Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Michael J. Babcock Director
Myrtle Potter Member of the Board of Directors
Melanie M. Foley Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer
Russell MacTough Managing Director - Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures
Mark Cressey SVP and General Manager and IT Hosting Services
John Heveran SVP and CIO of Commercial Insurance
James Cupps Senior Director
Rich Casselberry Risk Technologist
Chema Luengo Head Of Product Development, Innovation, Global Consumer Markets
John P. Manning Board of Directors
Paul G. Alexander Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
Ellen Rudnick Board Member
Bob Thomas Director of User Experience
Martin P. Slark Board of Directors
Michael Dodge Architect
Angel Ruiz Board of Directors
Rohit Sood Senior Architect
Seth Fishbein Director, Sponsorships
Jenna Lebel Head of Digital Marketing
Francis A. Doyle Board of Directors
Gary Countryman Emeritus Chairman of the Board of Directors
Thomas May Member of the Board of Directors
David Long CEO
Dina Gray Senior Director
Brian Nobis Private Equity Investor
Randi Glazer Underwriting Consultant
Bolthar Lemoine Senior Pricing Consultant
Andrei Oprisan VP Technology
Kristen Vicino Vice President Claims Shared Services
Shelia Anderson SVP & CIO Corporate Functions
Nicolas Grande Senior Software Developer