Kleiner Perkins overview

Kleiner Perkins is a well known Silicon Valley venture capital firm, due in large part to their past success. They were early investors in many significant companies, including Amazon, AOL, Compaq, Electronic Arts, Google, Intuit, Macromedia, Netscape, Segway, and Sun Microsystems.

Through multiple venture funds and growth funds it has invested $10 billion in over 900 companies including pioneers such as Amazon, Genentech, and Google.

In September 2018, Kleiner Perkins announced it was spinning out its digital growth team into a new independent firm.

Kleiner Perkins' nineteenth venture fund, KP19, was announced i March 2020, with $700M dedicated to early stage investments in Enterprise, Consumer, Hardtech, Fintech, and Healthcare companies.

Kleiner Perkins is headquartered in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley, with offices in San Francisco and Shanghai.

Map showing the location of Kleiner Perkins

Menlo Park, United States

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Key people

Christina Lee Marketing and communications partner
Josh Coyne Investor
Junyu Chen Associate
Lawrence Leisure Senior Advisor
Rhett Pan Vice president, China
Xin Tang Director, China
Thomson Nguyen Entrepreneur in Residence
Ewen Zhao Portfolio manager, China
KR Sridhar Strategic Limited Partner
Claire Diaz-Ortiz Scout
Mood Rowghani General Partner
Lynne Chou O'Keefe Partner, Life Sciences Group
Jan van Dokkum Operating Partner
Susan Biglieri Chief Financial Officer
Daegwon Chae Principal
Paul Vronsky General Counsel
James Huang Managing Partner, China
Neil Goldberg Board of Directors
Nancy Sun Finance director
Brook Byers Co-Founder
Jimmy Wei Venture Partner, China
Chris Lee Fellow
Vinod Khosla Affiliated Partner
Floyd Kvamme Partner Emeriti
Amanda Duckworth Partner, Chief Marketing Officer
Zhenyuan Chen Vice President, China
Bernie Lacroute Partner Emeriti
Victor Leung Partner, China
James Tang Vice President, China
Frank Caufield Co-Founder
Aileen Lee Member of the Strategic Advisor
Raymond Yin Director, China
Cindy Cheng Associate
Colin Powell Strategic Limited Partner
Jerry Liang Vice President
Jim Lally Partner Emeriti
John Doerr Partner
Joe Lacob Partner
Kevin Compton Partner
Ted Schlein Managing and General Partner
Ray Lane Partner Emeritus
Juliet de Baubigny Partner
Beth Seidenberg General Partner
Randy Komisar Advisor
Dana Mead Strategic Advisor
Wen Hsieh U.S. General Partner & China Managing Partner
Al Gore Senior Partner
Benjamin Kortlang Partner - Green Growth Fund
Bing Gordon Partner and Chief Product Officer
David Mount Partner
Daniel Oros Partner
Brook Porter Partner
Ju-Djuin Csontos Events & Marketing Manager
Delia Ding Finance Director
Rouz Jazayeri Chief of Staff for John Doerr
Jason Zhao Partner
Fareed Adib Member of the Advisory Board
Sid Dange 2014 Engineering Fellow
Paul Yeh Operating Partner
Jackie Xu Talent Partner
Lila Ibrahim Strategic Advisor
Rob Johnson Operating Partner
Scott Ryles Chief Operating Officer
Kanav Abrol KPCB Product Fellow
Lucas Swisher Growth
Ryan Panchadsaram Advisor to the Chairman
Ansel Parikh Investor
Rajat Bhageria Fellow
Steven Hong Investor
Ben Kortlang Partner
Nate Williams Entrepreneur In Residence
Michael Brogan Investor
Monica Desai Investor
Bucky Moore Partner
Ilya Fushman General Partner
Moustafa ElBialy Chief Information Officer
Alicia Lau Talent
Annie Case Investor
Matthew Mochary Advisor
Haomiao Huang Investor
Sean Carlso Vice President
Allie Cefalo Head Of Marketing
Jesse King Legal Counsel
Joubin Mirzadegan Go to Market Partner
Pryce Adade Yebesi Engineering Fellow
Kadir Barry Head of Technical Talent
Emily Hanks Marketing & Community
Everett Randle Partner