Kasisto, Inc. overview

Aimed initially at the finance industry, Kasisto’s conversational AI platform, KAI, powers virtual assistants and smart bots for multiple industries across mobile, messaging and wearables. The company offers businesses the opportunity to deploy the ‘AI brain’ of Kai across channels, allowing customers to interact with assistance consistent with the company’s brand in a mode they prefer for a seamless customer experience.

Founded as a spin-off of SRI International, creator of Apple virtual assistant Siri, Kasisto is a versatile chatbot platform. The virtual assistant can be calibrated for specific business needs of a number of industries. The complete stack technology is built on the copious research of SRI International and includes a speech recognition engine, natural language processing, AI reasoning, and natural language generation. The easy-to-integrate API allows deployment in weeks, offering on-site or cloud-based deployments.

Since its 2013 launch Kasisto has received investment from Propel Venture Partners, Mastercard and Commerce Ventures. In September 2019 Kasisto raised $15m in a Series B extension funding round, led by Rho Capital Partners. The company stated the new capital would be used to scale adoption of its services to all segments of financial services.

In 2019, Kasisto announced it had partnered with FinTech startup, Moneythor. As part of the new alliance, Kasisto's AI platform will be able to leverage data processed by Moneythor to deliver tailored recommendations, actionable insights, and contextual personal finance management advice.

In February 2020, Kasisto announced it had closed $7m in investment from Napier Park Financial Partners as part of a Series B extension round. The additional funds will be used to accelerate its go-to-market strategy.

In July 2021 Kasisto announced the close of its $15.5 million Series C funding round.

Map showing the location of Kasisto, Inc.

New York City, United States

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Key people

Jeff Seltzer Board Member
William Mark Board Member
Sasha Caskey VP Engineering & Co-Founder
Tom McCabe Board Advisor
Norman Winarsky Board Advisor
Tracy DeMiroz VP, Marketing
Patricia Kemp Board Member
Steve Chambers Board Advisor
Cristóbal Conde Board Advisor
Zor Gorelov Co-Founder & CEO
Ruth Brown Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Dror Oren Co-Founder & VP Product
Thomas Whiteaker Board Member