Hive Home overview

Hive is a smart home company based in the UK. Through the Hive app, users can control their heating, secure their home, reduce risk of leaks, and store video footage. 

Hive has a wide variety of smart products, including lighting, cameras, plugs, and more. The devices can all be connected and controlled centrally through the Hive Hub (or the Hive Hub 360) and the Hive mobile app. This enables home-owners to receive notifications about potential security or damage risks (such as a leak or unexpected movement within the house) so they can react quickly. It also helps users keep track of their energy consumption.

Hive has over 1.5m users in the UK. 

In December 2019 Hive partnered with UK-based underwriters Horizon. As of January 2020, Hive will provide leak sensors to all Horizon clients.

Map showing the location of Hive Home

London, United Kingdom

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Key people

Jo Cox Commercial Director
Tom Guy Chief Product Officer