Highline BETA overview

Highline BETA is a VC and startup co-creation company that launches new ventures with leading corporations and founders. It's based in Toronto, Canada, and was launched in 2016 by Benjamin Yoskovitz and Marcus Daniels.

The aim of Highline BETA is to use co-creation to create better startups and improve the success rate of startup investing. It works with corporate partners to form corporate accelerator programs to help solve specific issues.

Highline BETA is attached to Highline.vc, a pre-seed fund and accelerator.

In July 2019 Highline Beta launched a road safety and smart city accelerator with Aviva Canada. The first cohort is expected to be announced in Q4 of 2019.

Map showing the location of Highline BETA

Toronto, Canada

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Key people

Marcus Daniels CEO and Founding Partner
Benjamin Yoskovitz Founding Partner
Marcus Daniels Founding Partner and CEO
Lauren Robinson General Partner
Gary Fung Head of Technology, Venture Studio
Roberto Cervantes Director of Venture Strategy, Business Design