Hi Marley overview

Hi Marley is a chatbot designed for the P&C insurance industry. It's an end-to-end solution built for insurance carriers, enabling them to attract and retain more customers while improving operational efficiency.

Using either their web application or APIs, insurers can connect with their customers via the preferred medium of the modern age. In addition, their AI-driven chatbot can proactively update customers and respond to questions, leading to less manual work and greater cost savings for the company. It offers service and claims-specific message templates and workflows, with policyholder profiles connected to core systems to enable personalised services.

According to the company's CEO, Michael Greene, Hi Marley is looking to envelop the entire insurance experience, from shopping to purchasing a plan, updating policies, and making claims. 

Hi Marley's customers include Sapiens, Pioneer State, Amerisure, Guidewire and Assurant Partners.

In 2019, the Boston-based startup revealed it had been working with insurance broker Aon to move into more complicated sectors of business insurance.

Hi Marley raised an $8m Series A1 in 2020, led by True Ventures and Underscore VC. The company started it would use the new funding to increase product development, increase engagement, and scale its team, APIs and partnerships.

In March 2021 Hi Marley raised a $25m Series B after doubling the number of carriers using the platform, and quadrupling its overall user base during the Covid-19 outbreak.

During June 2023 the company launched a Collaboration Hub in its claims platform. The Collaboration Hub is a suite of tools designed to make communication and collaboration between policyholders, carriers and the rest of the insurance ecosystem frictionless. Hi Marley’s Insurance Cloud already provides texting for more than 70 P&C carriers and their policyholders and planned to roll-out a new Multi-Party Texting feature in July, providing a single SMS thread instead of dealing with disjointed conversations.

Amica Insurance partnered with Hi Marley in November 2021 to offer advanced communications options to Amica's customers. 

That same month, Hi Marley revealed more than one million policy holders had used the  Hi Marley Insurance Cloud communications platform text with their providers about claims.

In October, One Inc. partnered with Hi Marley to improve the claims payment processing experience. 

In November 2022 Hi Marley integrated Grammarly's AI's writing assistance to further enhance confidence in customer communications. 

In April 2023 Guidewire InsuranceNow integrated with Hi Marley for its SMS-based claims communications. 

In May 2023 Hi Marley was selected by Amerisure for its communication and collaboration platform.

Map showing the location of Hi Marley

Boston, United States

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Key people

Stefanie Bishop Head of People
Mitesh Suchak COO and Co-founder
Steve Kraus Head Of Marketing
Paul Yanosy General Counsel
John Miller CTO and Co-Founder
Daniel Murphy Chief Product Officer
Mike Greene CEO and Co-founder
Dan Keenan Chief Growth Officer
Gordon Ritter Board of Director
Neil Murphy Chief Financial Operating Officer