GV overview

Launched as Google Ventures in 2009, GV is the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc. It has invested in more than 450 companies globally in the fields of life science, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, cyber security, and agriculture. Initially focusing on Seed investments, the company has turned to more mature companies in recent years. It operates independently from Google.

As well as providing its portfolio companies with financing, GV also offers support in product management, engineering, design and marketing.

GV was founded in 2009 with an initial $100m capital commitment. Within three years, the commitment was tripled, and the fund had $2bn under management. In 2014 GV announced it was to invest in European startups, committing $125m.

As of 2019, GV has more than $4.5bn under management with over 300 active portfolio companies. In 2019 alone it has seen three exits - Uber, Slack and Managed by Q.

GV has offices in the US and the UK.

Map showing the location of GV

Mountain View, United States

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Key people

Celeste Schnackenberg Administrative Business Partner
Maximos Lih Talent Partner
Kristen Brillantes Design Producer
Jon Stritar Engineering Partner
Kimmy Brock Administrative Business Partner
Choongsoon Bae Engineering Partner
Ken Norton Product Partner
Daphne Chang Legal Counsel
Elizabeth Zeratsky Legal Counsel
Sam Schillace Advisor
Steve Chen Advisor
David Konerding Advisor
Georges Harik Advisor
Barkha Gvalani Data Analyst
Robin Teng Finance Manager
Donald Harrison Advisor
Shernaz Daver Member of the Advisory Board
Lauren Powell Administrative Business Partner
Carla E. Leonhardt Corporate Paralegal
Jodi Olson Communications Partner
Chris DiBona Advisor
Marissa Benson Administrative Business Partner
Christina Kelleher Administrative Business Partner
Hal Varian Advisor
Joe Kraus Partner
Jennifer Kercher General Counsel
Lindsey Acharya Administrative Business Partner
Peter Norvig Advisor
Scott Davis Venture Partner
Reuben Antman Engineering Partner
Graham Spencer Managing Partner
Kate Aronowitz Design Partner
Andrew Conrad Advisor
Kendall Rose Administrative Business Partner
Terri Burns Principal
Benjamin Fried Advisor
Beth Ayres Administrative Business Partner
Sridhar Ramaswamy Entrepreneur In Residence
Brendan Bulik-Sullivan Partner
Kim Burr Finance Manager
Vineeta Agarwala Venture Partner
Lem Diaz Talent Partner
Stephan Somogyi Advisor
Krishna Yeshwant General Partner
Karim Faris General Partner
Blake Byers General Partner
Michael Margolis UX Research Partner
Tracie Henson Rotter Partner
Erik Nordlander General Partner
Laura Boychenko Administrative Business Partner
John Zeratsky Design Partner
Rick Klau Partner
Andy Wheeler General Partner
Jake Knapp Design Partner
Anthony Philippakis Venture Partner
Adam Ghobarah General Partner
Graham Hancock Filmmaker
Bonno van Der putten Executive Vice President
Paige Tracy Administrative Business Partner
Nathan Amchan Senior Financial Analyst
Danielle Lewis Administrative Business Partner
Evalynne Lee Administrative Business Partner
Tom Zhang Engineering Partner
Avid Larizadeh General Partner
Ben Robbins Venture Partner
Jeremy Whelchel Engineering Partner
Tom Hulme General Partner
David Krane CEO & Managing Partner
Jessica Ashford Senior Financial Analyst
Christopher Urenda Corporate Paralegal
Kevin Rose Advisor
Carly Tonkin Administrative Business Partner
Brian Bendett Partner
Dave Munichiello General Partner
Yuan Yuan Engineering Partner
Monica Tran Marketing Partner
Tyson Clark General Partner
Lo Toney Partner
Stephen Gillett Advisor
John Lyman Partner
Mandy Kakavas Communications Partner
Sanyin Siang Advisor
Guillaume Le Cunff Advisor
Ray Mabus Advisor
Craig Kornblau Advisor
Bethany Tsui Principal
Laura Melahn Partner
Jessica Verrilli General Partner
Frederique Dame Partner
Rosana Kapeller Entrepreneur In Residence
David Reshef Venture Partner
David Schenkein General Partner
Candice Morgan Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Partner