Grohe AG overview

Grohe is a provider of bathroom and kitchen fittings, primarily based in Germany. The company employs over 6,000 people, and as of 2014 is part of the LIXIL Group Corporation.

In 2017 Grohe launched Sense and Sense Guard, two smart devices that monitor homes for water damage. The sensors are able to detect leaks and have the ability to cut off the water supply to a home and alert homeowners to potential risks via a smartphone app in order to minimise the damage caused. 

Grohe's Sense can detect humidity, frost and leaks, and is able to alert homeowners should it detect anything abnormal. Multiple devices can be used in order to give a home total security. The Sense Guard (which requires professional installation) attaches to the main water pipe of a property and is able to control the supply. 

In 2019, Grohe announced that it was partnering up with LähiTapiola to offer a water safety system to home insurance policyholders. LähiTapiola expects to install the GROHE Sense systems to more than 100k homes by 2026.

Map showing the location of Grohe AG

Düsseldorf, Germany

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Key people

Thorsten Sperlich Chief Communications Officer
Stefan Gesing CFO
Thomas Fuhr CEO