Einride overview

Einride is a cargo and freight company based in Sweden. It is focused on innovated the transport industry whilst simultaneously making the transport system more sustainable and efficient.

Einride has developed autonomous electric 'Einride Pods' that are modular, thereby making them adaptable to different types of cargo. By making the pods autonomous, Einride also ensures that the electric charge to the pods lasts longer, as the pods are lighter. Einride has also developed a software platform that helps manage fleets and the EinridePods.

Einride's customers include international supermarket chain Lidl.

In October 2019 Einride raised $25m, led by EQT Ventures and NordicNinjaVC. The funding will be used to expand in the US, accelerate the development of the company's technology roadmap and better meet customer demand.

Map showing the location of Einride

Stockholm, Sweden

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Key people

Karin Markides Member of the Board
Henrik Wallström CSO
Niklas Adalberth Board Member
Carl-Henric Nilsson Board of Director
Filip Lilja Co-founder & Special Projects
Marek Kiisa Board member
Mikael Lindblom Member of the board
Robert Falck CEO & founder
Tomas Ohlson Founding Engineer & SVP Technology
Linnéa Kornehed Member of the Board
Mattias Nagér Chief Human Resources Officer
Anders Gustafsson CFO
Gustav Heimdahl Pettersson Chief of Staff
Marc Llistosella Board Member
Ted Persson Board Member
Rikard Steiber Senior Advisor to CEO
Jonas Hernlund CCO
Roozbeh Charli CFO
Ellen Kugelberg Chief Product Officer
Niklas Reinedahl General Manager North America
Viveka Linander Waldenor General Counsel
Malin Domstad Chief Supply & Procurement Officer
Kalle Persson CPO
Malena Heed Communications Director
Alastair MacIntyre Chief Industrial and Manufacturing Officer
Chris Lawrence SVP of Marketing
Tony Högqvist Executive Advisor
Christofer Laurell Senior Vice President, Research and Public Affairs
Fredrik Wolbe Head of Market & Customer Experience
Oskar Cederqvist Acting Senior Vice President, Electric Freight
Björn Axling COO & SVP Strategy
Gustaf Wärnberg Legal counsel
Kerry Turnbull Head of Corporate Finance
Robert Ziegler General Manager Europe
Joel Eriksson Enquist Vice President of Corporate Development
Louise Sallander Interim Comms Director
Jason Gregory Head of Design
Georgios Kryparos CISO
Josh Wert Head of IP