Dinghy overview

Dinghy offers on-demand insurance that requires no upfront premium, interest, credit checks, and fees. Professional Indemnity cover is also offered without excess and Equipment claims are resolved in 24 hours. Dinghy focuses primarily on tech developers, consultants and designers, but is designed to cover more than 200 freelance professions. Its insurance covers equipment, professional indemnity, public liability and cyber liability. It also offers a Freelancer Assist service, in which Dingy helps chase clients for unpaid invoices, provide tax advice, and provide compensation if the freelancer is required to do jury duty. The insurance can be turned on and off, as and when required by the freelancer.

In early 2018 Dinghy raised a $1.2m Seed round from Balderton Capital and ReSolution Underwriting Partnership, as well as some undisclosed angel investors, and was acquired by Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance in January 2019 for an undisclosed amount.

In 2019, Allianz partnered with Dinghy to offer on-demand business insurance to freelancers.

Dinghy partnered with Starling Bank in December 2020, becoming part of the challenger bank's Marketplace offering.

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London, United Kingdom

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Key people

Ben Wilks Founder
Robert Hartley Founder
Edward Woodcock Founder