Credendo overview

Credendo - Export Credit Agency, a public credit insurer, provides insurance and reinsurance services to businesses in the European Union and clients in Belgium and internationally. 

The company’s insurance products provide coverage for supplier credits, buyer credits, special cash transactions, contract guarantees (bonds), contracting equipment, and investments. It also offers financial guarantees for bank credit, bond issues, and export funding, as well as operates as a credit insurer and refinancer for medium-term supplier credits. 

Credendo is active in all segments of the credit insurance business, offering a range of products that covers the risks around the globe. The company insures companies and banks against political and commercial risks relating to international commercial transactions, primarily related to capital goods and industrial projects, as well as contracted works and services. 

Credendo was founded in 1921 and is based in Brussels, Belgium. The official Belgian export credit agency's mission is to promote international trade relations providing companies and banks medium-term trade credit insurance cover against political and commercial risks worldwide. The transactions insured mainly relate to capital goods and industrial projects, as well as contracted works and services. 

In 2019 the company has launched an innovator lab, Area42, which aims to recode trade credit insurance and related products for the digital era. Area42 is currently based in Brussels and Paris, and is headed by Credendo's chief information officer, Lode Vermeersch, and led by Christophe Spoerry, who co-founded the Euler Hermes Digital Agency. Area42 will operate with a higher level of autonomy from Credendo, which is limiting its involvement to providing financial backing and advisory services.

Map showing the location of Credendo

Brussels, Belgium

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Key people

Dirk Terweduwe CEO
Ronny Matton CFO