Cecelia Health overview

Cecelia Health (formerly Fit4D/Fitness4Diabetics) aims to empower and motivate diabetic patients towards optimal health and lifestyle through webinars, newsletters, articles, videos, one-to-one virtual coaching, and more. It works with both businesses and individuals. The company partners with various organisations to deliver programs on diabetes to the public.

Cecelia Health serves pharmaceutical companies, health and wellness companies, health plans and employers, and marketing and ad agencies. It uses educational programs to help companies increase their brand’s awareness with people managing their diabetes and chronic health issues. It works with individuals by providing 1-to-1 virtual coaching, over the phone and via email, on health, fitness, weight loss, and other life goals.

The Cecelia Health team is comprised of dieticians, nurses, exercise physiologists, social workers, and pharmacists, and most of these coaches are Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs).

Cecelia Health was founded by David Weingard and is based in New York, United States.

Map showing the location of Cecelia Health

New York City, United States

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Key people

David Weingard Founder and CEO
David Niles Board Observer
Phil Gisser Board Observer
Teresa McArthur VP, Clinical Services
Eric Edidin Board Member
Dana Callow Board Observer
Ronald B. Goldman Board Observer
Susan Savoie Advisor
Jeff Becker Board Member
Claude Piché Advisor
Jimmy Lee Advisor
Jean-Luc Neptune Advisor
Sam Havens Advisor
Susan Duffy Advisor
David Weingard Founder & CEO
Stephanie Nieman Board Observer
Michael Balsam VP, Data and Strategy
Mo Harrim VP, Product Management
Saul Richter Board Member
Cody Nystrom Board Member
Orrin Feingold Board Member
Darren Port Advisor
Brad Wilson Chairman of the Board
Robert Oringer Advisor
Charles Cutler Advisor
Mike Krupit Advisor
Barry Kurland COO
Arnold Saperstein Chief Medical Officer
Regina Reale CFO
Michael Plotkin CTO
Brad Fluegel Board Observer
Dan Dwyer SVP of Sales