Burn to Give overview

Burn to Give is a life insurance platform that converts calories burned exercising into life-saving nutrition for children in need.

Burn to Give offer employees life insurance policies that provide rewards for healthy behaviour. For every step users record, they receive an extra peso in life insurance, and for every calorie they burn whilst exercising, a calorie in food is donated to families in need. Users simply record their health information in app, or integrate a third-party app.

Burn To Give raised $8.5m in Series A funding in July 2020, making it one of the largest Series A raises for a Chilean startup. The startup said it would use the new funds to keep developing its insurance platform, as well as to scale into new markets.

Map showing the location of Burn to Give

Santiago, Chile

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Key people

Cristobal della Maggiora CPO, COO
David Alvo Verdugo CFO