Bupa UK overview

Bupa started in the UK before becoming the global company it is today. Founded in 1947 and originally called the British United Provident Association, by July 1948, the company had 38,000 customers and an 80% share of the private health insurance market.

Now Bupa operates in over 190 countries, though the UK is still one of its largest markets. Within the UK, Bupa offers primarily four services: Insurance, Dental, Care and Health. Bupa UK Insurance offers health insurance to 2.2 million people, and Bupa Dental Care covers around 2.4 million patients and 477 dental practices across the UK and Ireland. Bupa Care Services has around 6,800 residents in 138 homes, and seven Richmond care villages. Finally, Bupa Health Services is comprised of 49 health clinics, and the Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

Bupa also offers travel insurance, providing personal single or multi trip policies. The international health insurance gives users access to more than 7,500 hospitals and clinics around the world.

In June 2018 Bupa partnered with digital health provider Babylon, enabling corporate Bupa customers to access Babylon's telemedicine GP consultations and clinical triage service.

In October 2019 the company partnered with Optima Health, enabling Bupa to offer its 900+ corporate customers access to Optima's occupational health services from early 2020 onwards.

Bupa Global and UK reported an underlying profit of £117m in 2019, down 37% from the year before. Group Chief Executive Evelyn Bourke stated that key markets, including UK dental, presented 'tough market conditions'.

In February 2020, Bupa UK launched a new campaign focusing on mental health, aiming to take the stigma away from asking for help, and challenging people on the perception of 'normal'.

In June 2020 Bupa UK expanded its remote health services to include 24/7 advice from professional healthcare workers, including physios and mental health therapists. Bupa From Home also includes diagnoses and treatment for conditions such as cancer, cardiac and mental health.

Map showing the location of Bupa UK

London, United Kingdom

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Key people

David Hynam CEO
Joan Elliott General Manager, UK Care Services
Alex Perry CEO of Bupa Insurance Ltd, and General Manager of UK Insurance
Wayne Close General Manager, UK Health Services
Charles Richardson CFO
Gabriela Pueyo General Manager, Bupa Dental UK