Bessemer Venture Partners overview

Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) is a $4B venture capital firm that started with innovations in the steel industry but now funds consumer, enterprise and healthcare startups around the world, from seed stage to growth. 

BVP have funded the early stages of well known household names such as Pinterest, Blue Apron, Skype, Skybox Imaging, Twitch and Periscope. They have also helped build over 120 IPOs in the last 50 years including Twilio, Yelp, LinkedIn, Shopify and Wix

BVP's 15 investing partners operate from offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Israel, and India. 

Map showing the location of Bessemer Venture Partners

Menlo Park, United States

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Key people

Scott Ring Partner & General counsel
Scott Smith Operating Partner
Sisi Song Vice President
Nancy Straface Vice president of investment accounting
Sara Byrne Director, GP Accounting
Mayo Stuntz Operating Partner
Andy Geisse Operating Partner
Chris Gabrieli Partner - Cambridge, Massachusetts Emeritus
Lindsay McNeil Senior Associate Counsel
Nadia Buonocore Director of Fund Accounting and Operations
Sandy Grippo CFO
Tess Hatch Partner
Ross Biestman CRO Executive in Residence
Felda Hardymon Partner
David Cowan Partner
Robert Goodman Partner
Robert Stavis Partner
Ed Colloton Partner
Stephen Kraus Partner
Chini Krishnan Operating Partner
Byron Deeter Partner
Vishal Gupta Managing Director, Partner
Jeremy Levine Partner
Adam Fisher Partner
Kent Bennett Partner
Brian Feinstein Partner
Ethan Kurzweil Partner
Ashton Newhall Advisory Board Member
Jeff Epstein Operating Partner
Amit Karp Partner
Alex Ferrara Partner
Charles Birnbaum Partner
Miia Laukkarinen VP of Talent
Sakib Dadi Vice President
Andrew Geisse Operating Partner
Augie Wilkinson Director of Portfolio Monitoring & Analysis
Dhruv Jain Venture Capital Investor
David Wehrs Partner, Head of BVP Funded
Chris Parker Business Development & Community
Michael Segal Vice President
Aman Kandola Investor
Tara G. Partner
Mary D'Onofrio Partner
Rani Yadav EIR
Ben Mathews Vice President
Elliott Robinson Partner, Bessemer Growth
Mike Droesch Partner
Andrew Hedin Principal
Alexandra Sukin Investor
Janice Teng Vice President
Shannon Stubo Brayton Partner and Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Giampapa Vice President
Hansae Catlett Vice President
Libby Leffler Operating Advisor
Bryan Wu Partner
Sameer Dholakia Partner
Katherine Walker Vice President