Aptiv overview

Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener, and more connected solutions, which enable the future of mobility. Aptiv was originally known as global motor industry supplier Delphi. 

Aptiv offers multiple solutions across smart vehicles, including how they connect to smart cities. This includes Smart Vehicle Architecture, Autonomous Vehicles, User Experience and more.

In 2015 Aptiv took part in the longest automated vehicle drive - travelling from San Francisco to New York City (3,400 miles), with 99% of the drive in fully automated mode. 

In 2018, Aptiv launched a fleet of 30 Autonomous vehicles on the Lyft network as part of a multi-year agreement between the two companies. It uses BMW 5 Series cars. 

In 2019 Aptiv announced it was forming a new joint venture with car manufacturer Hyundai, with both parties owning a 50% stake. The joint venture aims to develop L4 and L5 self-driving cars ready for taxi and fleet operators by 2022. The combined investment from both companies will total around $4bn. 

Aptiv is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has around 147,000 employees. In 2018, Aptiv reported revenues of $14.4bn.

Map showing the location of Aptiv

Dublin, Ireland

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Key people

Keith D. Stipp President, Thermal Systems
Jada Tapley VP - Advanced Engineering & External Relations
Luiz R. Corrallo President, South America President SA Powertrain and Thermal
Matthew Peterson Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Benjamin Hoffman VP Strategic Accounts
John M. Fuerst President, Powertrain Systems
Elena Doom Rosman Vice President, Investor Relations
Glen De Vos Senior VP - CTO
Michael Gassen President, Europe, Middle East and Africa Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Powertrain Systems
Liam Butterworth SVP & President
Jessica L. Holscott Vice President, Investor Relations
Joseph R. Massaro Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rodney O'Neal CEO & President
Rajiv Gupta Member of the Board of Directors
Lawrence Zimmerman Member of the Board of Directors
Gary Cowger Member of the Board of Directors
Sean Mahoney Member of the Board of Directors
Randall MacDonald Member of the Board of Directors
Mark Frissora Member of Board of Directors
Thomas Sidlik Member of the Board of Directors
Bernd Wiedemann Member of the Board of Directors
Frank Wang Vice President of Advanced Safety and User Experience Asia Pacific
Kevin Clarke President and CEO
Timothy Manganello Member of the Board of Directors
Joseph Cantie Member of the Board of Directors
Bethany Mayer Member of the Board of Directors
Ana Pinczuk Board Member
Glen De Vos CTO
Martin Bornemann Global Director, Advanced Architecture, Sensing and Compute
Michael D. Hillman Member Board of Advisors
Dee Robertson Global Head of PMO
Hank Skorny President, Connected Services
Steve Wittig Vice President Global Operations - EDS
James Holms Vice President Finance, EDS
Florian Baumann Senior Director Cloud & Software Toolchain
Anu Rathninde President- EDS Asia Pacific and President- AS&UX Asia Pacific
Sophia Velastegui Chief Product Officer
Jessica Kourakos Vice President of Investor Relations and ESG