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Amazon is an e-commerce retailer formed originally to provide consumers with products in two segments. It offers users with merchandise and content purchased for resale from vendors and those offered by third-party sellers.

What began as an online bookshop operating out of a garage in 1994 has since grown to become one of the globe's largest and most recognised brands. Now based in Seattle, Washington, Amazon serves North American and International markets, offering its services online via such sites as and

Perhaps its most popular service, with roughly 150 million subscribers as of January 2020, Amazon Prime is an annual membership program that entitles customers to free shipping, streaming, and access to books to borrow and read on a Kindle.

Other services include co-branded credit card agreements, advertising and publishing services, electronics manufacture and Amazon Web Services, which gives anyone from start-ups to government agencies access to compute, storage, database, and other AWS offerings to augment their business processes.

It has also developed smart hardware, such as the Amazon Alexa and Echo Dot, Echo Buds, and acquired smart doorbell company Ring back in 2018 for over $1bn.

In recent years, Amazon has made moves into the healthcare industry with its medical data lab, 1492, dating back to at least 2017, as well as the acquisitions of PillPack (now 'PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy') and Health Navigator, and the creation of Amazon Care, its pilot employee healthcare program which leverages telemedicine. In January 2020 it filed a series of international trademarks for 'Amazon Pharmacy' for Australia, UK, Canada and the US. It is also part of a joint initiative with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, called Haven, which aims to lower healthcare costs and improve care. On top of this, Amazon has created the Amazon Halo, a smart wearable that tracks health metrics, and enabled healthcare organisations to launch HIPAA-compliant Alexa tools.

Amazon launched its online pharmacy service in 45 states, promising free two-day delivery to Prime subscribers in November 2020. Shares in US pharmacies CVS and Walgreens dropped 9% and 10% at the announcement.

Amazon has additionally shown growing interest in the insurance industry. In April 2016 the company launched Amazon Protect in Britain, before quickly expanding into other European markets. In 2017 reports began circulating of Amazon entering the P&C/motor insurance sector.

In 2018 Amazon led a $12m investment round into Acko, an insurtech based in India. There were also reports that Amazon had approached industry executives about the possibility of a comparison site.

The following year, Amazon partnered with Travelers, enabling the latter's customers to purchase the retailers smart home products at a discount. It also led Acko's Series C round, and launched the aforementioned Amazon Care, an employee benefits options. Insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts integrated Amazon's PillPack into its member app in 2019, too.

In 2020, Amazon continued to show its interest in insurance. It reportedly sent out a survey to its e-commerce sellers (of which there are 900k in the US alone) in April, asking about their health insurance needs and pain-points. Additionally, in that same month, it invested in BankBazaar's Series D. BankBazaar is a neutral online marketplace for financial products, including life, health care and two-wheeler insurance.

In July 2020, Acko began to offer car and bike cover via Amazon Pay in India. Amazon Pay CEO Mahendra Nerurkar states they plan to expand into health, flight and cabs. Several months later, Amazon participated in Acko's September $60m funding round.

Amazon also has invested heavily into automated delivery methods, including electric unmanned vehicles and drones. They have successfully gained permission to trial both technologies in the US and the UK.

In August 2021 Amazon announced the launch of the Amazon Insurance Accelerator, a network of vetted insurance providers who will evaluate and, if appropriate, offer liability insurance at competitive rates to qualifying sellers. Sellers only pay for the cost of the insurance itself. Sellers are not required to use a provider within Amazon Insurance Accelerator; they can continue to obtain insurance from any qualified insurance provider of their choice. Next Insurance and Marsh were amongst those who revealed they were participating in the Amazon Insurance Accelerator.

At the same time, it also announced it was enhancing its A-to-Z Guarantee - a hassle-free returns process for products launched over two decades ago. The new process includes a protection offering up to $1k in claims pay-outs for any defective product sold through Amazon that causes damage or injury, at no cost to sellers.

In September 2021 Amazon partnered with UK business insurance startup Superscript. Superscript are now Amazon's sole insurance partner in the UK, streamlining the insurance-buying process for Business Prime members.

Amazon announced that it would expand its Care service offerings to the rest of the US in June 2022. The service includes a 24/7 access to medical team through its mobile app as well as an in-person care across 20 markets.

In July 2022 Amazon announced it was planning to acquire primary care organisation One Medical in a deal worth nearly $4B, marking the continued effort of the tech giant to tap into the healthcare industry. One Medical was launched in 2007 and is a membership-based primary care practice in the US serving 767K member patients at 200 locations around the country. The deal would be the biggest healthcare acquisition yet for Amazon.

Amazon's telehealth service Amazon Care is set to close by the end of 2022, according to an internal memo that was leaked in August. The decision will only be affecting Amazon Care as well as its Care Medical group of providers, and there is no mention of other Amazon healthcare projects being affected. Amazon Care launched in 2019 as a virtual clinic for its own employees but soon expanded to outside employees and added select in-person care options, however the memo cites that the offering was not 'complete enough for the large enterprise customers [they] have been targeting'.

In October 2022, Amazon launched the Amazon Insurance Store in the UK. The store offers consumers a way to find and compare home insurance quotes from Ageas UK, Co-op and LV=General Insurance.

In May 2023 Personal lines insurance specialist Policy Expert has joined the Amazon Insurance Store, increasing the number of providers to four, alongside Ageas, Co-op, and LV for home and contents insurance. Policy Expert has a motor book of 171,000 customers and plans to double in size within five years; it also sold 890,000 home insurance policies in the year to March 2022. Further insurers are expected to be added to the store panel later this year according to Amazon.

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Seattle, United States

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Key people

Nathalie Rauschmayr Machine Learning Scientist
Agatha Oliveira Senior Software Development Engineer
Nazli Oguzsimsaroglu Head of Business Operations - eero
Dean Seifert Director - Dash Buttons & Dash Replenishment Services
Indra Nooyi Board Member
Babak Parviz Vice President
Judith McGrath Board Member
Joerg Tewes Head Of Product Management, Fire Tablets and Kindle E-Readers
Alex Ceballos Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Development
Ziba Kaboli-Gerbrands Principal, Business Development
Carl Meadows Principal Product Manager
Taylor Lehman Senior Product Manager - Echo
Wendell Weeks Member of the Board of Directors
Arianne Walker Chief Evangelist for Alexa Auto
Alain Monie Member of the Board of Directors
Paula Bacariza EU Head of AdTech Business Development
Edith W. Cooper Board Member
Sameer Khetrapal Director Category Management
Jean-Sébastien Ariza Senior Business Development Manager, Alexa
Dave Hodson Director of Engineering
Joern Radloff Head of Music Publishing (ex-Americas)
Max Amordeluso EU Lead Evangelist Alexa Skills Kit
Adithya Srinivasan Head of Strategic Partnerships, MENA
Brent Nash Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon Game Studios
Seokhwan Kim Senior Machine Learning Scientist
Arvind Muthukrishnan Head of Product and Design - AWS Wickr
Eric Broussard Vice-President - International Seller Services
Rajeev Rastogi Vice President & Machine Learning
Brigid Hughes Chief of Staff
Douglas Nelson Sr. Product Manager Intern
Manish Rao Global Head of Playback & Delivery, Amazon Prime Video
Kapil Bansal Principal Product Manager, Amazon Pay
Daniel P. Huttenlocher Board Director
Wayne Purboo VP
Tom Taylor Senior Vice President
Francois Mairesse Senior Machine Learning Scientist
Keith Alexander Board Member
Rohit Prasad Vice President and Head Scientist, Alexa Machine Learning
Miriam Daniels Director of Product Management, Amazon Echo
Monica Curti Software Engineer
Marisa Gallagher Head of UX & Design, Amazon Music
David Limp Senior Vice President, Devices & Services
Gianna Puerini Vice President, Amazon Go
Gustavo Ariño Director General
David McCalib Sr. Technical Product Manager & Engineering Manager
Melissa Saelzer Sr. Technical Program Manager
Amitpal Bhutani Principal Technical Program Manager
Charlie Eddington Data Specialist
Raj Minhas Director, Buyer Fraud Products
Joel Martinez HR Director Consumer
Akshay Raja Poojari Chief Technology Officer
Serguei Netessine Scholar
Pueo Keffer Investor
Diana Maria Popa Software Development Engineer
Chris Byskal Software Development Manager, Amazon GameLift
Danny Banks UX Designer
Thomas Moulard Senior Software Engineer
Jeff Bezos Founder
Tom Alberg Member of the Board of Directors
Patricia Stonesifer Member of the Board of Directors
Tristan Wilson UX Researcher II
John Brown Member of the Board of Directors
Srini Kandala Sr Manager WebStore & Head
Peter Krawiec Vice President of World Wide Corporate Development
Werner Vogels VP & CTO
Noah Herschman Director, Home & Mobile Electronics
Steven Kessel SVP, Worldwide Digital Media
Shelley Reynolds VP, Wordwide Controller & Principal Accounting Officer
Pat Bajari Chief Economist and Vice President
Anuj Mathur Development Manager
Jack Sallay Principal, Content Acquisition
Thomas Ryder Member of the Board of Directors
Lesley Palfreyman Sr User Experience Designer & Researcher
Scott Wiltamuth Vice President, AWS Developer and Management Tools
Steve Boom VP, Digital Music
Tom Wilson Head of Display Advertising
Jeffrey Wilke CEO of Worldwide Consumer
Nitin Gupta Software Developer Engineer
Nitin Gupta Software Developer Engineer
Nitin Gupta Software Developer Engineer
David A. Zapolsky Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
DVS Kiran Software Development Engineer
David Nakayama Vice President, Digital Music
Dilip Kumar Vice President Technology, Amazon Go and Amazon Books
Milad Shah Hosseini Milad Shah Hosseini
Maxwell Bardon Vice President, Consumer Payments
Amit Agarwal SVP & Country Head, Amazon India
Amit Aggarwal Sr. Vice President and Country Manager, Amazon India
Gordon Willoughby Director, category leader, Grocery, Alcohol, Baby and pets
Jennifer Prenner Director & GM - Global Head of Marketing, Growth & Customer Engagement
Siddharth Nambiar Director, International Healthcare Initiatives
Jason Wardwell Senior Product Manager
Mark Craig Director, Selling Partner Insights & Engagement / Retail Systems New Initiatives
Toni Reid Vice President of Alexa Experience & Echo Devices, Amazon
Josh Hirschland Senior Product Manager
Kara Hurst Vice President, Amazon; Head of Worldwide Sustainability
Nick Bogert Sr. Product Manager, Product Compatibility Platform
Chase Alley Owner
Arjun Kamath Data Engineer
Nitesh Kripalani Head of Business Planning & New Initiatives, Amazon India
Andrew Borthwick Senior Machine Learning Scientist
Mithun Satheesh Web Development Engineer
Priya Padmanabhan Director of Software Development
Patrick Gauthier Vice President
Munira Rahemtulla Director, Amazon Live
Tathagata Dasgupta Director
Robert Abrams Director of Payments, Global Business Owner Payments, Corporate Cards and Expense Reimbursement
Jay Carney Senior Vice President for Global Corporate Affairs
Paul Bernard Director, Worldwide Corporate Development - Alexa Fund Lead
Aaron Allon Senior Product Manager, Amazon Transportation Services
Brian Olsavsky Chief Financial Officer
David Bliss Principal Design Technologist, Digital Products User Experience
Vaclav Petricek Head of Global Search Quality
Alex Green Managing Director, Amazon Video
Aditi Chaudhuri Strategic Leadership Recruiter
Veronique Rouzaud Directrice des ressources humaines
H.B. Siegel Prime Minister of Ideas
Satayan Mahajan Head of Product
Samir Kumar Vice President, International Consumer
Matthew Clark Director, Business Development, Fire TV
Naveen Neppali Sr. Engineering Manager (ML) -Applied Science
Yuri de Souza Senior Software Development Manager
Daria P. Ilgen Corporate Business Development
Subhajit Sanyal Sr. Manager Machine Learning
Ran Mokady Director
Seva Lapsha Sr. Tech. Pro. Manager, Logistics
Rajat Bansal Senior Manager, Software Development
Paul Misener VP, Global Innovation Policy & Communications
Sean Cassidy Director, Safety & Regulatory Affairs
Yuriy Chernyshov TBI Pro
Jagadesh Reddy Senior Software Development Engineer
Shishir Del Rio Affiliate Marketing
Rob Streeter Principal Product Manager Technical, Marketplace
Harris Maddali Principal Product Manager
Xin Luna Dong Principal Scientist
Michelle Levine Senior Business Development Manager, Global Alexa Partnerships
Alex Ha Principal Product Manager
Aparna Unnikrishnan Head of Design, Amazon Devices
David Treadwell VP, eCommerce services
Ilse De Bruin Director Global Logistics
Ben McInnis Senior Manager, Alexa Connect Kit
Bernardo Toca Sr Manager
Radu Weiss Software Development Manager - Firecracker
Michael McKiernan Director Finance Technology
Patrick Kuehn Data Engineer
Alex Weiss Principal Engineer, CoreML
Bryan Quinn Director, Amazon Publisher Services
Aziz Lookman Chief Risk Officer - Amazon Lending
Young Lee Vice President, Business Development
Pedro Sousa Business Manager
Jennifer Yador Senior Business Development Manager
Siva Padisetty General Manager, Management Tools
Seema Degwekar Principal Software Engineer
Bing Gordon Board Observer
Colleen Aubrey Vice President, Performance Advertising
Noelle Hunt Bennett Manager, Program Management
Pravin Mittal Head of Engineering, Amazon DocumentDB
Kenneth Matthews Head of Energy EMEA AWS
Will Najar Senior Product Manager
Ronaldo Mouchawar VP Amazon MENA
Kevin Marion Technical Program Manager
Adrian Caceres Principal Software Engineer
Rene Villegas Head of Marketing, Business Development and Operations - Subscribe with Amazon
Sahika Genc Senior Applied Scientist
Wesley Pettit Software Engineer
Ned Curic Vice President of Alexa Automotive
Vasi Philomin General Manager, Machine Learning & AI
David Frerichs Principal Engineer, Alexa Voice Services
Danny Sheridan Product Manager
Justin Jeffress Senior Solutions Architect, Alexa Hackathons
Neil Bowen Senior Product Manager
Osamu Yamada Senior Product Manager
Ani Vemprala Head of Business Development
Vicky Gkiza Director of Product Management, Alexa Shopping
Yuri Tretiakov Senior Signal Integrity Engineer
Ajay Kumar Gupta Software Development Manager
Brent Payne Manager, Machine Learning Applications, Checkout
Romil Mittal Director, Last Mile Technology
Duarte Barbosa Software Development Manager
Adam Furmanek Software Development Engineer
Ryan Nelwan Senior iOS Engineer
Tamar Papava Senior Program Manager, Amazon Devices
Sankalp Shukla Software Development Engineer 2
Yimin Liu Head of Data Science, Amazon Payment Products, NA
Sanjay Pothen Alexa Fund Innovation Fellow
Dylan R. Product Development Intern
Vish Pai Head of Product | Alexa Multimodal
Tony Bacos Head of Tech & CX, Amazon Fashion
Jennifer Salke Head of Amazon Studios
Josephine Bolotski Principal Engineer, Robotics
Avinash H Software Development Engineer
George Su Senior Business Intelligence Engineer
Kevin Crews Sr. Product Manager
Hani Suleiman Principal Engineer
Albert Cheng Chief Operating Officer & Co-Head of Television, Amazon Studios
Robert Phillips Director, Pricing Research
Lisa Falkson Senior VUI Designer
Karthikeyan Ravi Software Development Manager
Nissan Modi Software Development Engineer -II
Dilek Hakkani Tur Senior Principal Scientist
Deepak Thukral Software Engineer
Raghu Lakkapragada Director, Amazon Food
Gary Cowan Director, EU Automated Advertising
Eric Kuhn GM, Neighbors at Ring
Lynette Ooi Senior Corporate Counsel & Head of Legal for ASEAN, Consumer
Samah Gad Software Development Manager III
Scott Lescher Director, North America Fresh and Prime Now
Jason Periampillai Amazon Merch Partner
Oliver Sloane Director, Amazon Global Communities
Tarun Maheshwari Sr. Product Manager, Customer Experience
Brian Knapp Head of Global Business Development
Vivek Khandelwal Sr. Manager Human Resources
Ardine Williams Vice President, Workforce Development, HQ2
Ying Zhou Senior Product Manager - Amazon Music
Troy Clair Senior Manager, U.S. Public Policy
Alptug Copuroglu Head of Product, Customer Experience and Cross-Border Expansion
Steve Sarner VP Ad Sales and Program Management - Goodreads (an Amazon company)
Roger Jin Principal Product Manager
Daniel Rausch Vice President Smart Home & Alexa Mobile
Neeraj Manrao Director of Energy Manufacturing
Sujith Ravi Director
Kaan Aykac Director & GM, Growth, Amazon Music
Kishan Shah Strategy and Special Projects
Alexandre Boules Senior Corporate Counsel, Head of Legal at Amazon Egypt
Andrew Saunders Global Head of Entertainment and Culture Marketing
Nathalie Criou Principal Product Manager - tech
Ty Zamkow Senior Manager, Product Management
Glenn Fox Principal Executive Recruiter - Devices & Digital Services
Benton Richardson Head of EU Business Development, Alexa Smart Reorders
Greg R. Pearson VP, Americas Sales for Amazon Web Services
Juan Falquez Senior Perception Scientist - CANVAS Autonomous Mobility
Ali Larijani F/W Engineering Manager
Timothy Whalin Principal UX Designer, Alexa Experiences
Matt Turner Software Development Manager
Pete Gerstberger Head of Key by Amazon
Fabio Sisinni Director of Product, Visual Search & Augmented Reality
Alexandre Gagnon Vice President, Amazon Business WW
John Puskarich Hardware Engineer
Jonathan Weiss Managing Director Amazon Development Center Germany
Ameya Bhat Product management- Amazon Logistics
Amanda Goltz Principal, Business Developmen
Peter Heinrich Solutions Architect
Severine Philardeau Head of Amazon Pay UK
Amir Saffari Senior Applied Science Manager
Sharleen Reyes Senior Product Manager, Fire TV
Luis Sampedro Diaz Product, Augmented Reality
Elena Sokolova Manager Machine Learning
Naveen Chopra CFO Amazon Devices & Services
Dan Arters Software Development Engineer
Aggie Nixon-Kirschner Sr. Manager of Account Management
Megan Oxman Head of EU Credit Payment Products
Robert Victor Principal Product Manager - Technical
Chacko Daniel Senior Manager - Technical Program Management
Sriram Panchanathan Director, Product and Tech, Amazon Freight
Julie Zoller Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Project Kuiper
Joaquin Delgado Head of Music Search - Applied Sciences
Amir Mikhak Software Development Engineer II
Jean-Pierre Mondalek Head of Peak Events and XCM, MENA
TJ Parker VP, Amazon Pharmacy
Dorion Carroll VP, Customer Engagement Technologies
Nathan Smith Director
Andrew Crowell CEO & Co-Founder
Joanna Peña-Bickley Head of Research & Design, Alexa Devices
Jason Kessler Applied Scientist
Filip Jabbour Regional Head of Advertising, MENA
Matt Garman Vice President, AWS Sales and Marketing
Geetali Gupta SMB Category Lead - Biz Apps Marketplace
Sabina Jain Sr Product Manager (Tech)- Associate Technology and Innovation
Matt Sandler Technical Advisor, New Projects – Amazon Music
Rodrigo Brumana CFO Amazon Private Brands
Michael Halama Head of WW Gift Card Sales Enablement, Supply Chain & Operations
Kendall Herbst Senior Product Manager
Matt Battles Vice President, Multichannel Advertising
August Cziment Head of Ring for Business
Azaman Anwer Amazon
Nathan Ackerman Director, Devices
Paul Misener Vice President for Global Public Policy
Michael Burk Product Lead - Amazon Music HD
Andrew Davis Global Agency Development
Bob Tekiela VP Technology
Chris Meinhardt Aviation Maintenance Leader
Eric Rachlin Principal Scientist, Product Graph
Prakash Bulusu Vice President, Customer Behavior Analytics and Site Leader Consumer Engagement India
Mark Karam Global Business Development
Robinson Piramuthu Principal Scientist
Shari Yoder Doherty Director of Public Relations, Devices & Services
Angel Calvo Director - Alexa Smart Home
Justin Safdie Sr. Software Development Manager
Ignacio Cruz Head of finance Prime Now South-Europe (France, Italy and Spain)
Debra Farber Privacy Lead, Prime Video
Sean Perry Sr Manager, Technical Program Management (Kindle)
Doug Simpson Head of Product, New Initiatives
Ayman Mahfouz Principal Engineer
Lena Gogeissl Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
Erin Breslin Head of Product, Design, and Content Operations for Merch by Amazon
Patrick Hearron VP Global Sales HasOffers by TUNE
Justin Ginsburgh Principal, Extreme Density, Last Mile Team
Dale Christian Director, eCommerce Financial Integration
Manish Tiwary Vice President & Country Manager : India Consumer Business
Soma Bulusu Director of North America Operations Technology
Kathrin Buvac Vice President AWS Business Development & Industries
Sriskandarajah Suhothayan Senior Software Engineer
Vinod Kulathumani Senior Applied Scientist
Debra Chrapaty Vice President & COO
John Flynn Chief Information Security Officer
Kathy Dykeman Global Head of Client Measurement
Lauren Cappell WW Head, Healthcare and Life Sciences, AWS Strategy & Business Development
Ben Ng Software Development Manager
Justin Eckhouse Product Team Leader
Walt Gall Principal PM, Amazon Devices, Alexa AI
Sanjay Kalyanasundaram Segment Head, Alexa Voice Service
Victor Simoes Senior Manager
Trisha Gregory Chief Brand Officer, Luxury Stores
Brian Warren Principal UX Designer
Kevin Ha Head of Security Engineering, Alexa Cloud Secure Solutions
George Tsipolitis General Manager, Amazon Luna
Jorrit Van der Meulen Vice President, Amazon EU Retail
Marcelio Leal Senior Software Developer Manager
Victor Reinoso Global Director, Education Philanthropy and Amazon Future Engineer
Jay Marine Vice President, Prime Video, Worldwide Business & Product
Ukonwa Ojo CMO Of Prime Video, Amazon Studios
Allen Klosowski Principal Product Manager, Technical
Chris "Chow-Ching" Jim Software Engineer
Gert Lanckriet Head of Machine Learning and Personalization @ Amazon Music (Director)
Stephen Hartell Vice President
Douglas Jardine Software Engineering Manager
Adam Hirsch Head of Information Security Audit Program
Vasantharaj Bharathi Head of Operations Excellence
Pragyan Mishra Senior Manager, Robotics AI
Rhys Thom Principal, Circular Economy
Soumya Sriraman Head of Prime Video Channels
Saul Jacobs Account Manager and Advertising
Hudson Thrift Director of Core Consumer Security
Nick Cravalho Head of Portfolio Success for Climate Pledge Fund
Matt Fisher Head of Measurement and Marketing Science
Richard Kinder Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture, Alexa Automotive
John Ciancutti VP & GM
Emily Stapleton Senior Manager, Program Management
Sebastian San Juan Head of Partnerships, Amazon Business Europe
Praveen Kumar Software Development Manager
Vince Koh AWS Global Head of Digital Commerce
Fatih Mehtap Principal
Dave Clark CEO Worldwide Consumer
Andrea Cutright Global Marketing, Prime Gaming & Game Growth Amazon
Raghuram Satyanarayana Rao Head of Product
Mita Mahadevan Director, Search Science & AI
Matti Heikkila System Development Manager III
Caro Krissman Global Logistics
Natasha Sayce Zelem Global Head of Partner Engineering, Prime Video
Julia Qiu Monetization @ Amp
Andrew Jassy President and CEO
Candi Castleberry Singleton Vice President of Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Mario Viviani Head of Developer Evangelism, Worldwide
Russell Baker GM, Buy with Prime Partnerships and Appstore
Matt Carr Vice President, Account Management, Marketing, Analytics & Insights
Erik Suek Site Leader
Muge Erdirik Dogan President, Amazon Fashion
Mario F. Ruckh Head of Recovery & Sustainability, EU FBA
Martin Rushe Director, Business & Tech Leader
Jamie Lomas Vice President Advertising Sales
Mike Mullins Head Of Engineering - Amazon Advertising DSP Pricing
Sam Potts Senior Software Development Engineer
Priyanka Krishnan Regional Operations Manager
Dan O’Connor Director, Public Policy
Chris Delvizis Senior Product Manager - Technical
Sean Uberoi Kelly Director of Product and Technology
Megan Imbres Global Head of Brand Marketing
Tannishk Sharma Technical Product Manager
Rita Spangler Head of Launch & Acquisition, Fresh Physical Stores
Michael Vollmann Head of CSR
Ryan Ciovacco Head of Alexa Devices Strategy, Growth & Innovation
Matt McGovren Head Of Business Development
Drew Bamford Director, Head of UX Design & Research, Prime Video
Jason Spight Sr. Customer Solutions Manager
Sean Connell Senior Technical Program Manager, Amazon Devices
Nate Westheimer Director of Product Management
Schell Carpenter Senior Software Development Manager
Dorian Ouer Senior Manager, Software Engineering
Bob Bahramipour WW Head of BD for Digital Native, B2C Customers at AWS
Toby Barnes Head of User Experience, Amazon Alexa Northstar
Gaurav Gandhi Country Head, Amazon Prime Video, India
Chase Wimberly Strategic Business Development, Worldwide Operations
Calsee Hendrickson Sr Mgr, Technical Program Management, Prime Air
Kharis O'Connell Principal
Gili Lichtman Senior Partner Manager
Arkam Javed Software Development Engineer
Kevin Karsch Head of Software and Applied Science
Alicia Boler-Davis Senior Vice President Global Customer Fulfillment
Lakshmi Hanspal Global Chief Information Security Officer, Devices & Services
Lillian Ablon Manager, Ring Vulnerability Management
Dana Friedman CFO VP Finance
Nishad Kamat Director Of Engineering
Jay Rajda Clinical Leader, Amazon Care
Sailesh Mohapatra Sr. PMT
Hiram Enriquez Senior Partner Manager, Amazon Ads
Kazem Naderi Software Development Manager
Sergio Klarreich Principal Advisory Consultant
Katherine Chen Director, Head of Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund
Lisa Hom Head of Creator Development
Jodi Schroll Special Projects
James Amendola Senior Project Reliability Manager
Daphne Zargar Senior Manager - Partner Integration, Amazon AutomotiveSenior
Jeff Fairman Director and General Manager of Cognito (AWS Identity)
Jeffrey Yau Global Head of Data Science and Analytics, Amazon Music
Lynn Fernando Mulvihill Global Head of Marketing - Amazon Fashion
Elena Molinaro Fleet operations manager
Sushant Sreeram Country Director
Tanuj Mohan GM and CTO
Kelly Day VP International, Prime Video
Natalie Angelillo Director, External Relations
Jarrod Joplin Head of Design - Amazon Hub
Santiago Cepeda Head of Business Development in Global Inventory Transfer
Madelle Kangha Contracts Manager, North America Consumer Legal
John Nguyen CMO
Todd Greenwalt Director of Software Engineering
Parisa Sadrzadeh VP, WW Delivery Service Partner Program
Jalen Fu Data Scientist II
Don Faulkner Information Security Leader
Maik Schaefer Senior Product Manager
Lance Neill Principal Amazon Pharmacy
Vaidyanatha Siva Director, Last Mile Routing and Planning
Yosuke Maekawa Head of Growth Marketing, Amazon Music
Amélie Van Waerbeke Lead Marketing Manager - Amazon Grocery Partnerships
Dan Fromhart Social Creative Director
Thomas Kaminski Chief Engineer
Brandon Geary Principal, Custom Brand Strategist
Marc Verstaen Director Software, Project Kuiper
Victor Bello Software Development Manager - Amazon Devices
Cole Lakes Senior Product Manager - Technical
Chris Poe Senior Employee Experience Manager
Drew Herdener Senior Vice President, Worldwide Communications
Daniel Werner Account-Manager
Gus Hahn-Powell Applied Scientist
Rodney Glass Director, People, EXperience and Technology
Subbu Palaniappan Director & Global Head of Prime Growth
Haji Glover Director of Finance
Andrew Warfield VP / Distinguished Engineer
Katie Bach Director of Employee Experience
Jacob Lubecki Software Development Engineer, Prime Air
Rodrigo Bartels Principal Software Engineer
Domenic Merenda Head of Science and Engineering for Sponsored Display Non-Endemic
Kelly MacLean Vice President, Amazon Demand-side Platform
Ruchika Singh Category Manager
Brad Smith Board of Directors
Panos Panay Head of Devices and Services Business
John Felton Senior Vice President and CFO
Krishan Bhatia Vice President of global video advertising