Allianz X overview

Allianz X is the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group. The firm is investing in digital growth companies that are part of the ecosystems related to insurance: Mobility, Connected Property, Connected Health, Wealth Management & Retirement, and Data Intelligence & Cybersecurity. Allianz X provides an interface between portfolio companies and the digital ecosystem within Allianz as well as drive innovation across Allianz’s operating entities and global lines of business.

The company is tasked with identifying, building and scaling new business models in the InsurTech space. By tapping into their extensive network of partners and world-class talent, the company is able to launch new ventures from idea to market entry in less than 6 months. 

Created in 2013, their focus is on finding business opportunities that add value to the insurer's current portfolio or building businesses to meet their requirements. In February 2019, the branch announced it had increased the size of its tech investment fund to €1 billion (up from €430m at launch), making it one of the largest corporate-backed ventures funds in Europe. 

Allianz X have invested in a variety of InsurTech ventures since the company's inceptions. To date, Allianz X has made more than 15 direct investments in digital businesses related to insurance around the world.

In 2017 Allianz X announced a $96 million investment in BIMA, a leading digital micro-insurer utilising mobile technology to serve low-income customers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The investment made Allianz BIMA's sole insurance shareholder and the largest strategic shareholder overall.

Additionally, Allianz X invested $30 million in Kansas City-headquartered working capital marketplace C2FO in February 2018 and $35 million in Southeast Asian mobile platform Go-Jek in April 2018.

In addition to committing capital, Allianz X focuses on developing partnerships between the portfolio company and one or more Allianz operating entities or global business lines. For example, Go-Jek has a partnership in place with Allianz Indonesia in which Go-Jek customers and drivers are offered Allianz insurance products and services.

Map showing the location of Allianz X

Munich, Germany

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Key people

Sever Savanciuc Investment Associate
Carsten Middendorf Investment Director
Danielle Dias Coutinho Head of PR & Communications
Nazim Cetin CEO
Catherine Dietrich CFO
Catherine Dietrich Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Engelhart Chief Investment Officer
Joseph Engelhart Chief Investment Officer
Andreas Kronthaler Investment Controller