Allianz Partners overview

Allianz Partners is the Allianz Group's consumer-facing specialty insurance and assistance services group. The company has been serving the marketplace for more than 25 years and employs more than 1,000 people.

Allianz Partners is a B2B2C for assistance and insurance solutions in the following areas of expertise: global assistance, international health & life, global automotive and travel insurance. These solutions are available to business partners or via direct and digital channels under three brands: Allianz Assistance, Allianz Care and Allianz Automotive.

The company was formed in 2014 through the merger of Swiss company, ELVIA Travel Insurance, and French business, SACNAS-Mondial Assistance. The creation of SACNAS-Mondial Assistance paralleled the development of the assistance business, which, in addition to travel insurance, included roadside, medical, and repatriation assistance. In 1979, the Allianz Group became a shareholder of Mondial Assistance. In 1995, ELVIA joined Germany's Allianz Group. In 2014 the companies successfully merged to form Allianz Worldwide Partners, later to be renamed Allianz Partners in 2018.

The company now provides a variety of insurance and financial services across the globe. It also leverage global infrastructure and experience to deliver digital solutions to meet and exceed their partners' evolving needs.

Its services include: travel insurance, tuition insurance, event protection, bankcard services, assistance services and partner services.

Allianz Partners developed the TravelSmart mobile application via Allianz Travel, which has had more than 470,000 downloads. The app's primary functions provide the ability to: access policies, file claims, upload documents, and track progress, track flights and boarding gate updates in real-time, locate nearby, pre-screened medical facilities, access emergency numbers for police, fire and ambulance services, and translate medical terms for first aid and medication into 18 languages. The app is available for download on Android and iOS mobiles.

In 2018 Allianz Partners announced it was establishing three new innovation centres, focusing on travel, health and assistance. This follows the success of its Automotive Innovation Center which launched in 2014 and has worked on international projects with mobility providers such as Car2Go, autonomous driving providers such as EasyMile and the launch of a usage based insurance product with car brands such as Seat and Opel.

In 2019 Allianz Partners launched a payment app ('Allianz Pay and Protect') alongside Apple Pay and Allianz Deutschland. As well as payments, it also offers 'exclusive' insurance coverage, which comes in the form of a simple free version or a premium version, which retails at €1.25pm.

In January 2021 Blink partnered with Allianz Partnerships, embedding its technology within Allianz Partners' travel policies. Its affinity partners are also offering the insurtech solution.

In April 2022 Revolut appointed Allianz Partners as its new global travel insurance services provider. As of April 2022, Allianz will provide comprehensive travel insurance services to Revolut Premium or Metal account holders - initially in 31 markets across the EU and UK. The new Revolut's travel insurance package is an example of Fintech's growing efforts to meet insurance needs of their customers of which they now have 18 million.

Allianz Partners in November 2022 extended its partnership with Iberia, Spain's largest airline, for another three years. As part of the partnership extension, Iberia's customers who reside in thirteen European markets are being offered travel insurance solutions.

Map showing the location of Allianz Partners

Paris, France

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Key people

Rémi Grenier CEO
Dan Assouline Chief Market and Digital Officer
Ulf Lange CFO and Member of the Board