Allianz Global Investors overview

Allianz Global Investors, or AllianzGI, is a leading active investment manager. Employing more than 2,700 people across 25 locations, AllianzGI manages over €535 billion in assets for individuals, families and institutions around the world.

AllianzGI offers its clients a wide range of actively managed strategies and solutions across the risk / return spectrum. With over 700 investment professionals, it has established expertise in equities, fixed-income, multi-asset and alternative investments. As part of the Allianz Group, AllianzGI is a key contributor to the Group’s asset management offering.

Since 2012, AllianzGI has operated as a globally integrated investment manager. Its global investment platform brings together professionals from across asset classes and investment styles, enabling them to collaborate on insights for clients while maintaining distinct investment processes.

Over this period, AllianzGI has invested in its global active investment offering in line with the needs of its clients, adding Asian fixed income, infrastructure debt, renewables infrastructure equity, emerging market debt, European private debt, global fixed income and global private debt solutions. In 2018, Allianz Capital Partners joined the firm.

Allianz Capital Partners GmbH is an investment arm of the Allianz SE specialising in fund of fund investments in private equity funds, venture capital funds, turnaround/distressed debt funds, and secondary indirect investments. 

Allianz first created the separate asset management business in 1998 under the leadership of board member Joachim Faber. Through a combination of asset management acquisitions as well as acquisitions of other businesses that had asset management unit, Allianz established a large asset management division comprising different investment boutiques.

In 2011 a decision was taken to combine most of the different investment managers into a globally integrated asset manager; from 2012 Allianz moved to what they call a 'two pillar' model where Allianz Global Investors and PIMCO operate separately from each other despite common ownership. 

In 2019 AllianzGI partnered with Unmortgage to offer customers help in buying new homes as part of a co-ownership model.

AllianzGI also operates three separate trusts, the Allianz Technology Trust, the Merchants Trust PLC and the Brunner Investment Trust. Allianz Technology Trust offers access to the investment potential of the technology sector. Merchant Trust PLC is focused on delivering high and rising income together with capital growth for its shareholders. And Brunner Investment Trust provides a one-stop-shop investment solution for global growth opportunities.  

Map showing the location of Allianz Global Investors

New York City, United States

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Key people

Steven J. Berexa Global CIO Equity
Douglas Eu Chief Executive Officer US
Franck Dixmier CIO Fixed Income Europe
Deborah Zurkow Global Head of Alternatives
Markus Kobler Global Chief Financial Officer
Desmond Ng Head of Asia Pacific
Andreas Utermann CEO and Global CIO
Thorsten Heymann Global Head of Strategy
Karen Prooth Global COO
Tobias C. Pross Global Head of Distribution and Head of EMEA