Adarga overview

Adarga was founded in 2016 and is based in London and Bristol. Adarga products enable solutions across several varied sectors, from defence and intelligence to the financial industries and more. It uses machine learning and natural language processing, applying them to finding value and meaning in vast quantities of data to offer threat identification services before the threat occurs. Its first product, adarga_engine, was launched in 2018, followed by adarga_bench as a stand-alone product, and both products are used to analyse Big Data and give insight into potential threats, relationships and opportunities.

The adarga_engine is an Analytics-as-a-Service platform for corporates, offering access to AI analytics and building a 'central store of knowledge' for its clients. Adarga_bench is aimed at analysts who work with large, unstructured, secure data sets and provides trackable, bias-free analysis through specific classification schema and NLP.

Adarga counts the UK government as well as a number of insurance companies as its clients.

In 2019 Adarga reported a £30m+ sales pipeline through collaborations and partnerships.

Benevolent AI, the $2bn AI company, is a minority shareholder has provided backing through support and technical help.

In September Adarga closed a £5m Series A led by Allectus Capital. The funding will be used to expand the company's data science and software engineering teams and to expand internationally.

Map showing the location of Adarga

London, United Kingdom

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Key people

Rob Bassett Cross Founder and CEO
Neil Haycock CFO
Jason Atlas CTO